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Method Gallery

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A Garden Guide - Extracting a Weed from a Lawn
Swinging on Ringing Bell
Venice, Italy - Grand Hotel Royal Danieli and Gondolas
Socrates (c 469399 BC). Classical Greek Athenian philosophe
Recruiting Bands / Wwi
How Navajo Indian Rugs are made - USA
The Zulu Wars. Zulu method of advancing to the attack
Brunels Thames Tunnel
Gears and cogs in the clockwork of a historical pendulum clock, detail, regulator
Chess pieces
Chess pieces
B.S.A. Air Rifles, Birmingham Small Arms Company
British soldier bears to the firing line WWI
Kaisers Campaigning Car
Traditional method of holding dowsing rod
Balloon ascent from the Tuileries Gardens, Paris
Vasco di Gamas Fort
New German incendiary bomb by G. H. Davis
Konstantin Buteyko, Soviet doctor
Childrens book adding
Met Police stopwatch -- inside face
Two bearers and patient (2 of 2)
Electric Tattooer
Godwins Project
Looking for Queen Bee
Trained falconry bird on the falconera€™s gauntlet
German parachute troops, WW2
Method of refining saltpeter for making gunpowder
Golden Wedding Cake with Gum Paste Molding
Construction of a church, detail from The Church of San Miguel (oil on panel)
Native American method of fishing with pelicans
Dr Nicolai Feodorovitch Gamaleia (engraving)
Method of Packing the Obelisk in the Cylinder Ship 'Cleopatra' (engraving)
Chiromancy and its Consequences (engraving)
Testing Bayonets and Cavalry Swords at the Royal Small Arms Factory, Enfield (engraving)
The Insurrection in Cuba, Views in and about Havana (engraving)
Ancient Greek method of mounting and riding a horse
Interior of an underground Aleut house in Unalaska 43, native methods of starting a fire 44
Ancient Greek method of riding a horse bareback
Method of curing anchovies in Sicily, Italy (engraving)
Dhobies, Washermen at Work, an effective but destructive method of washing clothes (b / w photo)
Extemporising a Boat, Method practised by German Cavalry (b / w photo)
Method of Making the Bell-Mould (engraving)
The Crisis in Samoa, Rebel Warriors marching down the Main Street of Apia (engraving)
Algerine method of punishing a criminal found guilty of committing burglary (engraving)
Proposed Method of Reaching the North Pole by Balloons, Balloons Starting, Balloons at Anchor (engraving)
Vote by Ballot, Sketches at the Taunton Election (engraving)
The Bradford Mechanics Institute (engraving)
John Fowler (b / w photo)

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