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Metal Collection

"Exploring the Enduring Strength and Beauty of Metal" The Boxer of Quirinal: A masterpiece in metal

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"Exploring the Enduring Strength and Beauty of Metal" The Boxer of Quirinal: A masterpiece in metal, this ancient statue showcases the power and grace of a skilled pugilist. "The Thief": Antonio Maria Fabres y Costa's painting captures the allure and mystery surrounding a cunning thief, his eyes gleaming with mischief. Coopers at work: Witness the artistry as these craftsmen shape wooden barrels, their tools clinking against metal hoops to create vessels that hold stories within. Miner at Geevor Tin Mine: Delve into the depths of Cornwall's mining history as a brave miner emerges from underground, covered in sweat and dust but fueled by determination. Gold Rush at Carnon Stream Works: In Cornwall's picturesque landscape, witness nature's alchemy as sparkling gold nuggets are extracted from flowing streams using meticulous metal pans. Perseus and Medusa Statue: Marvel at Florence's Loggia dei Lanzi where this stunning bronze sculpture immortalizes Perseus' heroic triumph over Medusa, capturing every detail in lustrous metal. Sunrise at Clyde Arc (Squinty Bridge): As dawn breaks over Glasgow's iconic bridge, its metallic structure glimmers under golden rays, reflecting resilience amidst urban beauty. Great Newtown Head and Metal Man: Stand alongside Tramore CoWaterford’s rugged coastline where an imposing Metal Man stands tall against crashing waves—a guardian watching over seafarers for centuries. WWI German Gas Mask: Encased in its original metal container lies a haunting relic from World War I—an artifact that symbolizes both protection and destruction during times of conflict. Normandy Landings - June 6th, 1944: Remembering bravery on D-Day when thousands stormed ashore through gunfire; steel helmets glinted amidst chaos while courageous soldiers fought for freedom. The Souk, Marrakech.