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Little Herbert, the Sheffield Wednesday football club mascot from around 1900, was a beloved figure among fans

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Little Herbert, the Sheffield Wednesday football club mascot from around 1900, was a beloved figure among fans. With his distinctive Irish Wolfhound Mascot by his side, he brought joy and excitement to every game. One iconic moment in mascot history occurred at the Irish Brigade memorial on Little Round Top during the Gettysburg battlefield. A majestic bald eagle perched atop the monument, symbolizing strength and patriotism. The Jaguar XJS became a symbol of elegance and power, much like a team's mascot represents their identity on the field. Just as soccer fans witnessed during the Rangers v Fiorentina UEFA Cup Semi Final - First Leg at Ibrox Stadium. In another historic clash between Scotland and England in Greenock, Scotland on November 19th, 1972, mascots proudly displayed their team colors. These mascots embodied the spirit of competition and national pride. Even animals have served as mascots throughout history. Old Abe, a bald eagle who accompanied the Eight Wisconsin Regiment during the American Civil War, became an emblem of bravery immortalized on banknotes. The Texas Longhorns embraced their state's heritage with a steer mascot that represented resilience and determination. This powerful symbol united fans across America in support of their team. Mascots were not limited to sports alone; they also found themselves aboard locomotives during stops at stations such as Mill City in Nevada in 1883. The conductor and crew posed alongside their loyal canine companion for an unforgettable photograph. Music has its own share of mascots too. The Dixieland Jazz Band had one such character who added flair to their performances around 1919. This lively figure captured the essence of jazz music with its infectious energy. Finally, we return to Ibrox Stadium where Rangers faced Dundee United in Clydesdale Bank Scottish Premier League action. As always, both teams' mascots rallied supporters with enthusiasm while adding an extra touch of excitement to the game.