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Mark Hales Collection

Mark Hales, a name synonymous with speed and precision on the racing circuit

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Mark Hales, a name synonymous with speed and precision on the racing circuit. Whether it's behind the wheel of a Jaguar E-Type, Ginetta G16, or TVR Grantura, Hales always leaves his mark. In the CM33 0882 shot, he can be seen alongside Guy Grant, showcasing their undeniable chemistry as they conquer the track together. But it doesn't stop there; Hales continues to dominate in every race he enters. The CM24 0611 image captures his partnership with Peter Hewitt in the powerful Ginetta G16. Their synchronized movements and unwavering determination make for an unstoppable force. The CJ10 9888 photograph showcases another successful collaboration between Hales and Guy Grant as they take on the challenging TVR Grantura. With each twist and turn of the road, their skills shine through effortlessly. In CJ10 9846, we witness not only Hales' talent but also his ability to work seamlessly within a team. Alongside Marc Gordon and Nick Finburgh in a Lotus Elite, they form an unbeatable trio that pushes boundaries like no other. Hales' versatility is evident in CJ10 9323 where he joins forces with Chris Fox and Nick Pink in a TVR Grantura while simultaneously taking charge of a Lotus Elan 26R. His adaptability knows no bounds as he effortlessly switches between cars without missing a beat. Not just limited to sports cars, Hales proves himself equally adept behind the wheel of classic models like Ford Lotus Cortina. The CM33 series (1081/1061/1043) showcases his partnership with Allan Ross-Jones as they navigate these iconic vehicles flawlessly. And finally, in CJ11 1995 Dr Allan Ross-Jones joins forces once again with Mark Hales to tackle yet another thrilling adventure in their Ford Lotus Cortina. Mark Hales is more than just a driver; he is a force to be reckoned with.