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Map Of Birmingham Collection

Step back in time with these captivating old maps of Birmingham

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Step back in time with these captivating old maps of Birmingham. 🗺️✨ Explore the rich history and evolution of this vibrant city through a collection of beautifully detailed maps. Starting with the "Old Map of Birmingham 1750, " meticulously surveyed by Thomas Hanson, witness the early beginnings and layout of this bustling metropolis. Fast forward to 1795, where C. Pye's map showcases an expanding cityscape, capturing the essence of Birmingham during its industrial revolution. The streets come alive as you navigate through its winding lanes and discover hidden gems from centuries past. Continue your journey through time with John Tallis' "Old Map of Birmingham 1851. " This masterpiece provides a glimpse into Victorian-era Birmingham, showcasing its grand architecture and growing urban landscape. As you delve deeper into the late 19th century, explore Bartholomew's "Old Map of Birmingham 1898" from the Royal Atlas. Witness how industry shaped the city's identity while marveling at landmarks that still stand today. The Comprehensive Gazetteer Atlas presents us with another gem - an exquisite "Old Map of Birmingham 1893. " This intricate piece offers insight into both rural outskirts and urban developments surrounding England's second-largest city. Immerse yourself in Fullarton & Co. 's "Old Map of Birmingham 1866, " which captures a pivotal moment in history when railways began crisscrossing across townscapes. Experience how transport revolutionized connectivity within this thriving hub. James Drake takes us on a visual tour with his detailed depiction in the "Old Map of Birmingham 1832. " Observe neighborhoods taking shape as new communities emerge amidst rapid growth fueled by innovation and enterprise. Travel further back to William Orr and John Dower's collaboration on their stunning "Old Map Of Birmingham 1834". Uncover architectural treasures like St Philip’s Cathedral or Aston Hall nestled within charming streetscapes frozen in time.