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Looking Away Collection

Captivating gazes that transcend time and species

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Captivating gazes that transcend time and species. From Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II to the mesmerizing Blue-footed booby in the Galapagos, these captivating looks capture our imagination. The enchanting King Charles Spaniels of yesteryears by Edwin Henry Landseer and the dynamic couple on a tennis court evoke curiosity with their diverted glances. Witness the majestic Red kite perched on a branch, one bird casting a glance over its shoulder, as if guarding secrets untold. Gustav Mahler's photographic portrait from Vienna reveals an introspective gaze that delves into his musical genius. Napoleon's piercing eyes speak volumes about his ambition and determination throughout history. The Dipper perched gracefully on a rock offers us a side view of nature's beauty in motion. Johann Sebastian Bach's timeless portrait showcases his profound passion for music through his intense stare. Enter the realm of fantasy with Walter Crane's Faerie Queene, where mythical creatures captivate us with their mysterious sidelong glances. Travel back in time with Frederick the Great of Prussia depicted in vintage painting, whose penetrating gaze hints at leadership and resilience against all odds. Lastly, meet the Bearded dragon lizard whose watchful eyes hold ancient wisdom within them.