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Little Johns Farm Collection

In 1981, music enthusiasts flocked to Little Johns Farm for the iconic Reading Festival

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In 1981, music enthusiasts flocked to Little Johns Farm for the iconic Reading Festival. Among the unforgettable performances was Wishbone Ash, captivating fans with their mesmerizing melodies. The crowd swayed and sang along as Dave Davies, brother of Raty Davies, skillfully strummed his guitar alongside The Kinks' electrifying set. Ray Davies took center stage as he belted out powerful tunes that resonated with festival-goers. But it wasn't just British talent that graced Little Johns Farm that year; Iggy Pop, the renowned American singer, brought his raw energy and rebellious spirit to the Reading Rock Festival stage. His performance left an indelible mark on all those lucky enough to witness it. Amidst this musical extravaganza stood a figure known affectionately as "Mick the Vic. " Reverend Michael Scott, Vicar at St Marks Church, provided solace and guidance amidst the chaos of rock 'n' roll. As festival attendees reveled in their favorite bands' performances, Mick offered spiritual support and a listening ear to anyone seeking respite from the excitement. Little Johns Farm became more than just a venue; it transformed into a haven where diverse sounds merged with spirituality. Mick's presence symbolized unity between music and faith—a reminder that even in moments of euphoria or intensity like these festivals—spiritual connections can be found. As memories were etched into hearts forever during those magical days at Little Johns Farm in 1981, Mick's unwavering commitment to his community served as a constant reminder of love and compassion amidst the pulsating beats of rock 'n' roll.