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Investigations Gallery

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Histological Diagram of a Mammalian Retina
Cid Officers as Dockers
Helen Duncan - Ectoplasm & Teleplasmic hand
Gustav Geley
Gustav Geley
Donald E Keyhoe
Harry Prices investigations into Helen Duncan
The method of linking up hands and feet of sitting mediums
A tuberculosis patient being given a direct blood
Volta, Alessandro Giuseppe Antonio Anastasio (1745-1827)
Andrea Vesalio. De humani corporis fabrica
British psychic medium Stella Cranshawe
Private Investigators
Harry Prices investigations into the mediumship of Duncan
FERMI, Enrico (1901-1954). Italian physicist, Nobel
SCHLIEMANN, Heinrich (1822-1890). German archaeologist
Automatic photograph of sitters and Rudi Schneider at sance
Rudi Schneider evading control of Harry Price
Dinas Powis Castle, Vale of Glamorgan, south Wales, 23rd April 1967
Pavlov, Ivan Petrovich (1849-1936). Russian physiologist
Exhibition on board RSS Discovery
Double photograph of the test counterpoise table
Undated photograph of Ethel Beenham with cheesecloth
Esson Maude at Edinburgh seance venue
Undated automatic photograph of a handkerchief leaving a tab
A portion of the electrical device for controlling mediums
Photograph of the infra-red cage at the National Laborator
Photograph of a reconstruction of one of the teleplasmic ha
Teleplasmic hand holding basket at a seance
Photograph of electrical counter-poise table for taking auto
Photograph of undervest, masquerading as the spirit Pegg
Double photograph of the counterpoise table
Photograph of the automatic electric photographic apparatus
Observer asleep on a bed in Base Room
Fraulein Urta Bohn
Money for the Helen Duncan seance
Five tags attached to the undervest
Undated photograph of enlarged portion of ectoplasm
Undated photograph of the Scottish medium Helen Duncan
ROBERT HOOKE 1635 - 1703
Men and boys at Aspley Pellatts Falcon Glass Works, Holland Street, Blackfriars, London, 1842
The Adventure of the Final Problem'. Professor Moriarty leaves Holmes, having
RAMON Y CAJAL, Santiago (1852-1934). Spanish
Royal Airship Works R-101
English Electric Lightning
de Havilland DH-106 Comet I / 1
Israel Jerusalem
Scottish medium Helen Duncan blindfolded during a sance
William Harvey (1578-1657) English physician. Diagram from De Motu Cordis, 1628
Automatic photograph of sitters and Rudi Schneider at sance

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