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Invade Gallery

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Bayeaux Tapestry portraying the Norman Conquest
Viking Ship Figurehead
Caesar Crosses Rubicon
Roosevelt and the Rough Riders on San Juan Hill, 1898
Laodicea Dicey Langston of South Carolina protecting her elderly father, a known supporter of the revolutionary cause
Mongol soldiers demonstrating their horsemanship
Ancient Greeks holding the pass of Thermopylae, 480 BC
Japanese taking Port Arthur, 1894
The Battle Of Jersey (colour litho)
Norman Invasion of England, 1066
ROLLO (c860-c931). Norse chieftain and Viking leader. Rollo and his fleet attack Paris, France, in 885 A.D
Naval battle off Puerto Rico, Spanish-American War
Crusaders entering Constantinople
Roman siege of a fortified city
Germanic invasion stopped at Fiesole, 406 AD
Battle of Manila Bay, 1898
Aerial View of the bridge at Nijmegen, Holland; Second World
NORMAN WARSHIP, 1066. The ship in which William the Conquerer crossed the English Channel in 1066
To England! German dreams of an invasion by sea and air
Italians Take Adwa
Martians Invade New York
Events / Greece
Soudan, Fashoda conflict. Magazine Punch, 1898
Schemes to Invade the Holy Land. A.D. 1091 (colour litho)
A Roman landing in England (engraving)
WW2 - The population of Paris invade the Boulevards in frenzy of joyous excitement
De Soto Attacks the Alabama Fort
Charles V Authorises Pizarro to Conquer and Govern Peru
Invasion of England, The Kaisers Dream, The Dome Of St Pauls Cathedral (litho)
Projected invasion of England by the French (engraving)
Julius Caesar arriving in Britain, looking out across the face of Kent (colour litho)
Invasion of England, WW1 (colour litho)
How the Easter Volunteer Review affected a Private Hotel (engraving)
Visit of Military Officers to the Works of the Channel Tunnel (engraving)
Fighting Paris 1830
British Invade Burma
Aryans Invade Europe / Bc
French Invade / Germany
Tailor-made summer frocks from London salons, 1927
Three models by Patou for The Dolly Sisters, Spring 1924
Dolly Sisters new fashion look modelling Patou outfits
The Dolly Sisters fashion look and accessories
Feathered evening frock by Patou for the Dolly Sisters
Dolly Sisters in lounging robes from Patou, Spring 1924
Conquest of Hispania (218 BC-19 BC). Roman militia

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