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Homo Erectus Gallery

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Stages in human evolution
Homo erectus (Sangiran 17), H. sapiens (?) H. neanderthalens
Artwork of the stages in human evolution
Homo erectus, Java Man cranium (Sangiran 17) cast
Hominid reconstructions in chronological order
Homo sp. skulls C016 / 5933
Homo erectus cranium C013 / 6552
Homo erectus skull
Homo erectus (or Homo ergaster), Turkana boy (KNM-WT 15000)
Peking Mans reconstructed skull, Cave Choukou'tien (bone)
ai, android, artificial intelligence, box, breaking, breaking free, cage, captivity
Illustration of skulls of Australopithecus, Homo erectus and Homo sapiens
Illustration of development of man from from Homo habilis to Homo erectus to Homo sapien
A fanciful depiction of the Big Bang theory
Portrait of a male Homo Erectus
Male Homo Erectus, an extinct species of hominid
Neanderthals approach a group of Machairodontinae feeding with a herd of Woolly Mammoths
Male homo erectus running
Male homo erectus kneeling
Homo Erectus man next to modern human being
Male homo erectus wearing a loin cloth
Male homo erectus angry portrait
Female homo erectus sitting
Female homo erectus standing
Female homo erectus walking
Male homo erectus portrait
Male homo erectus sitting in meditation
Male homo erectus looking aside
Neanderthals hunt a cave bear
British landscape with various prehistoric animals
Male homo erectus standing
Male Homo Erectus sitting alone on a beach island next to coconuts
Male and female Homo erectus hugging in the desert
Neanderthal humans confronted by a cave bear
Stages in female human evolution
Homo erectus cranium casts Peking Man & OH9
Homo erectus, Java Man cranium (Sangiran 17)
Peking Man, Reconstruction of Head from fossil evidence, c20th century
Skull of Peking man (reconstruction)
Skull of Homo Erectus
Jaw and teeth of Java Man
Homo erectus, artwork
Homo erectus, Java Man (Sangiran 17) cranium cast
Homo erectus crania (Ngandong 1 & Trinil)
Homo erectus, Java man
Homo erectus, Peking man cranium (reconstruction)
Homo erectus, Acheulian man
Paranthropus sp. (left) and Homo erectus (right)

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