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Holy Virgin Mary Collection

"Divine Beauty

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"Divine Beauty: Exploring the Holy Virgin Mary through Art" Immerse yourself in the ethereal world of religious art as we delve into the captivating depictions of the Holy Virgin Mary. From sorrowful Madonnas to serene portrayals, these masterpieces offer a glimpse into her revered presence. One such masterpiece is "Madonna (Sorrowful Virgin)" created in 1583-1584. Crafted from bronze, this sculpture captures the anguish and grief of a mother mourning her son's fate. In "La Serrana or, Madonna and Child with the infant St. John, " an oil on canvas painting, we witness a tender moment between Mary and Jesus alongside young St. John. The artist skillfully conveys their divine connection and maternal love. The "Polyptych of Conversano" presents us with a detailed panel depicting the Nativity scene from 1475. Executed using tempera on panel, this artwork transports us back to that holy night when Christ was born. A mesmerizing piece painted around 1500 is simply titled "Virgin and Child. " With delicate brushstrokes on wood, it showcases Mary cradling baby Jesus in her arms—a timeless symbol of purity and devotion. Traveling across time to early 17th century England, we encounter a woolen tapestry cushion cover portraying the Flight into Egypt—an event central to Christian iconography—possibly made in Sheldon. This intricate work exemplifies both artistic skill and religious storytelling. Another remarkable representation is found within the tempera and gold on wood creation called "Virgin and Child, " originating from the 1400s. Its golden hues radiate divinity while emphasizing Mary's role as Mother of God. "The Virgin, " an oil-on-panel painting dating back to c. 1500 captivates viewers with its serene beauty; evoking feelings of tranquility amidst chaos—a testament to faith's ability to provide solace.