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Iguanodons were herbivorous dinosaurs
Primitive men with spears hunting a glyptodon
Malleus Maleficarum
Hedwig of Silesia
Knight of the mid 15th century in battle armor with weapons
Prince Henry of Prussia and family
Varieties of bats
Plesiosaurus, large marine sauropterygian reptile
Ceratodus latissimus, extinct sarcopterygiian
A long-horned European wild ox attacked by wolves
Ichthyosaurus, extinct genus of ichthyosaur
Pteranodon, large flying pterosaur from the
European cave lion, Panthera leo spenaea, extinct
Princess Daisy of Pless with her son
Beatrice / White Dress
Otto Warburg / Nobel 1931
Hissarlik (Troy) Digging
Great Harry, english war ship under Henry VIII, published 1880
Aepycamelus, an extinct genus of camelid which
The woolly rhinoceros, Coelodonta antiquitatis
Jewish religious procession from the 15th century
ALEXANDER von HUMBOLDT (1769-1859). German naturalist. Mezzotint, 1859, by John Sartain
SOLZHENITSYN AND BÖLL, 1974. Russian writer Alexander Solzehnitsyn (left)
Gregorius VII (Knille)
Entrance at Troy (Ruins)
Thomas Mann (1875-1955) German novelist and brother of Heinrich Mann. Nobel prize
Heinrich Heine sadly leaving
Ancient Greek ornamental architecture and sculpture, (1898). Creator: Unknown
The Daring of Diane, comic operetta by Heinrich Reinhardt
Machine Gun, Light, 7.92 Mm Mg15
Daisy, Princess of Pless and her sons
Tomb plate of Heinrich Beyer Boppard (d.1376) and his wife L
In a Roman Osteria, 1866, by Carl Heinrich Bloch (1834-1890)
Johann Hein. Voss
Heinrich Henke
Blue skies and fair weather clouds float
Henri Nestle, c.1875 (b / w photo)
Heinrich Hermann Josef Freiherr von Heß
German pole axe and halberd from the late 15th century
The Blessed Henry Suso, c.1636-38 (oil on canvas) (b / w photo)
Salamander, newt, olm and siren
Sperm whale or cachalot, Physeter macrocephalus (vulnerable)
Least weasel, red panda and bearcat
Shrews and moles
Field-Marshal Baron von Hess, Generalissimo of the Austrian Army of the East (engraving)
Heinrich von Kleist's The Prince of Homburg (chromolitho)
Field Marshal Baron Hess (engraving)
A Meeting of the Conference on the Eastern Question at the Admiralty Palace (Ters-Haneh) Constantinople (engraving)

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