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Heartbeat Gallery

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Human heart, artwork
Checking Heartbeat
Jimmy the Bulldog at the Royal Society
Spartan Heartbeat
color image, concept, copy space, data, day, digital age, digital composite, digital distortion
Laennec monaural stethoscope, circa 1820 C017 / 6951
Monaural stethoscopes, 19th century C017 / 6931
Extra long monaural stethoscope, circa 18 C017 / 6948
Heart health, conceptual artwork F006 / 3776
ECG, artwork F006 / 4606
Heart monitoring, conceptual image F008 / 3202
Dual chamber pacemaker, X-ray F008 / 3508
ECG, computer artwork
Heartbeat alert, artwork C018 / 8588
Heartbeat trace, artwork C018 / 8586
Heart beat, artwork
Vital signs monitor F005 / 7227
Monaural stethoscope, circa 1870 C017 / 6975
Monaural stethoscope, circa 1820 C017 / 6930
Heart chambers and sinus node, artwork C014 / 2030
Extrasystole heartbeats, ECG artwork
Stethoscope demonstration C015 / 8835
Cardiology, conceptual image C017 / 7718
Monaural stethoscope, circa 1860 C017 / 6974
Piorry monaural stethoscope, circa 1850 C017 / 6970
ECG trace C017 / 7743
Heartbeat, conceptual artwork C013 / 9980
Power of the heart, conceptual image C013 / 9982
Heart activity, conceptual artwork C013 / 9981
Near-death experience, heartbeat trace C013 / 9463
Illustration of cardiac cycle
Atrial extrasystole, anatomical artwork
Ventricular extrasystole, anatomical artw
Ventricular systole, anatomical artwork
Pregnant woman
Human heart, anatomical artwork
Physical fitness test C014 / 1100
CPR first aid technique, artwork
Obesity clinic
Irregular heart beat, conceptual image
Angioplasty, artwork

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