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Iguanodons were herbivorous dinosaurs
Primitive men with spears hunting a glyptodon
Jules Harder, the first chef at San Franciscos Palace Hotel. Oil on canvas by Joseph Harrington, 1874
Plesiosaurus, large marine sauropterygian reptile
Ceratodus latissimus, extinct sarcopterygiian
A long-horned European wild ox attacked by wolves
Ichthyosaurus, extinct genus of ichthyosaur
Pteranodon, large flying pterosaur from the
European cave lion, Panthera leo spenaea, extinct
Aepycamelus, an extinct genus of camelid which
The woolly rhinoceros, Coelodonta antiquitatis
The Big Push March 1916
Bazaar at Willis's Rooms in Aid of Dr Barnardo's Homes for Destitute Children (engraving)
The Five Years Tryst, by Walter Besant (litho)
Hyracotherium or Eohippus, the dawn horse
Elotherium or Entelodon, extinct genus of Entelodontidae
Interlaken, general view of mountains, Bern, Switzerland
Fisherman Eyemouth
Album of 21 showing scenes of the Western Front Campaign
Dinocerata, extinct herbivorous, rhinoceros-like
Sivatherium, an extinct genus of giraffid that
Rhamphorhynchus, genus of extinct long-tailed
Wild horses of the Diluvial era, extinct genus
Phenacodus, extinct genus of ungulate mammals
Palaeotherium, extinct genus of primitive horse-like
Geronticus balcanicus, ancestral form of the
Hyaenodon, extinct genus of carnivorous creodonts
Merycoidodon or Oreodon, extinct genus of herbivore
Coryphodon, extinct genus of pantodont mammal
Pantolambda, an extinct genus of Paleocene pantodont mammal
Giant Hyrax, Riesenklippdachs, extinct ancestor
Hyracodon, an extinct genus of fast-running
Metamynodon, extinct genus of amynodont perissodactyls
Teleoceras, extinct genus of grazing rhinoceros
Aceratherium, extinct genus of rhinoceros
Protoceras, extinct genus of Artiodactyla
Dorcatherium, extinct type of chevrotain mouse deer
Mastodon, a large tusked mammal species of
Palaeomastodon, believed to be the ancestors
Moeritherium, extinct genus of prehistoric
Arsinoitherium, an extinct genus of paenungulate
Great Auk, Pinguinus impennis, large, flightless
Moa birds, Dinornis robustus, being hunted
Hatteria or tuatara, a living-fossil reptile
An archegosaurus by a river bank in a tropical
Ancient coral reefs
The wisent (Bison bonasus) or European bison
Ammonites, extinct group of marine animals

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