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Gardens Collection

Step into the enchanting world of gardens, where nature's beauty intertwines with human creativity

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Step into the enchanting world of gardens, where nature's beauty intertwines with human creativity. From the lush landscapes of Reids Palace Hotel in Madeira to the untamed wilderness of Tasmania, they have captivated our hearts for centuries. Imagine strolling through the Barbara Hepworth Museum and Sculpture Garden in St. Ives, Cornwall, England. Here, art merges seamlessly with nature as sculptures emerge from vibrant flora, creating a harmonious symphony of colors and shapes. Transport yourself to ancient times as you marvel at the Hanging Gardens of Babylon - a wonder that stood tall amidst arid lands. These terraced they were an oasis of life and serenity, a testament to mankind's ingenuity. In Kensington Gardens stands a statue that brings childhood dreams to life - Peter Pan soaring above us all. This whimsical figure reminds us that even in bustling cities like London, there is always room for magic and imagination. During World War II, amidst chaos and uncertainty, French posters featuring General de Gaulle provided hope and strength. In these dark times, gardens symbolized resilience - places where one could find solace and peace amidst turmoil. The Singapore city skyline boasts modernity at its finest; yet nestled within this concrete jungle lies Marina Bay Sands Hotel and Gardens – an urban oasis offering respite from city bustle. Here we witness how man-made structures can coexist harmoniously with nature's wonders. Travel across continents to Limerick County in Ireland where four stunning views await your gaze. Rolling hills meet meandering rivers while meticulously manicured gardens dot the landscape – showcasing Ireland's natural charm at every turn. Balliol College 1675 evokes images of academia intertwined with greenery; a place where knowledge blooms alongside flowers. The college grounds serve as both sanctuary for students' minds and haven for botanical treasures. Alice finds herself immersed in Wonderland during her croquet game adventure – surrounded by fantastical topiaries and whimsical flowers.