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Furs Gallery

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Queen Elizabeth II jewels glittering in her hair and at her throat arrives at Swedish
HRH Queen Elizabeth II
Teenage girls with a snowman
Art Deco fashion plate (colour litho)
Sami People, Norway
First Nation warriors of northwestern territories - Canada
Fabulous Feather Headdress - 1920s Fashion
Advert for Gorringes womens clothing 1928
Advert for I.J. Fox furs, 1935
Inuit Seal Hunting (4 / 5)
Advertisement, George Augustus Nicholas, Furs
French street trader selling hot roasted chestnuts 1908
Marie Hall - Violinist
Prince Josef Poniatowski (1763-1813) c.1810 (oil on canvas)
French Pin-up girl - putting on her shoes
Mace (chromolitho)
With the Duke and Duchess of Connaught in Japan, the Duke buying Furs at Nikko (engraving)
The Open-Air Cure for Consumption at Leysin, the Balcony of the Women's Quarters (litho)
Pleated Ermine Stole, bordered with Seal Musquash, Large Muff, worked in a similar way to match (b / w photo)
Wide Ermine Scarf, lined moire velour, with large flat Muff to match (b / w photo)
Russian Sable Stole, two skins wide, the skins with mounted heads crossing at back, new shaped three-skin Muff to match
Motor Coat of Grey Squirrel, lined with paler shade of satin (b / w photo)
Visiting Coat of very fine Russian Sable, with long tie attached, lined with softest ivory satin (b / w photo)
Restaurant Cloak of Embroidered Silver Net over grey chiffon and satin, trimmed with fine chinchilla (b / w photo)
Two-page spread from The Theater of Fur Fashion (b / w photo)
HM Queen Elizabeth on the balcony, Buckingham Palace (b / w photo)
Two-page spread from The Theater of Fur Fashion (b / w photo)
An Old Swell, Anthropomorphic dog, New Year's Greeting Card (chromolitho)
'There was an Old Person of Mold, who shrank from sensations of cold', from A Book of Nonsense
Portrait of Alexander Brodius (engraving)
The International Fur Store at 162 / 163 Regent Street (colour litho)
A Furrier's Shop (from the Encyclopaedia) (engraving)
Prehistoric potters (chromolitho)
Dutch Weight (engraving)
New shaped Stole of Mink and Ermine, with large Muff to match (b / w photo)
Russian Sable short Scarf, lined moire velour, and large Muff to match, also made in Ermine and Seal dyed Musquash
Ermine Coat for Theatre wear, with long collar of black fox and sash of black satin, lined softest satin (b / w photo)
Coat of finest Sealskin, lined with soft ivory satin, also made in Seal Musquash (b / w photo)
Travelling Coat of fine flat Caracul, lined with copper colour satin (b / w photo)
Evening Wrap of Satin Charmeuse, trimmed with gold and pearl embroidery, bordered with ermine (b / w photo)
New Year's card with a girl and a snowman (colour litho)
Preliminaries to the Coronation (engraving)
Advertisement, Marshall and Snelgrove (engraving)
The first utensils (chromolitho)
Grand Panorama of the Great Exhibition, South-East Portion of the Nave (engraving)
Valentine's card (chromolitho)
Child holding a large holly branch (colour litho)

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