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France Collection

Discover the rich history and diverse beauty of France

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Discover the rich history and diverse beauty of France. From the ancient Stone-age cave paintings in Chauvet to the stunning replica of Lascaux II, this country is a treasure trove of prehistoric art. Brace yourself for the power of nature as you witness rough seas at d'Ar-Men lighthouse during Storm Ruth on Ile de Sein, Armorique. Explore the intricate administrative political map that showcases France's regions and their unique identities. Rev your engines and feel the adrenaline rush at Le Mans 24 Hour Race, where Bruce McLaren and Chris Amon triumphantly crossed the finish line in their Ford GT40 Mk II. Step back in time with a classic Citroen Traction Avant or Light 15, an iconic symbol of French automotive design. Immerse yourself in elegance as you watch Prima Ballerina Anna Pavlova gracefully dance across stages, enchanting audiences with her mesmerizing performances. Experience a moment frozen in time with Georges Seurat's masterpiece 'Sunday Afternoon on la Grande Jatte, ' capturing Parisian leisure at its finest. Delve into history through satirical cartoons like James Gillray's 'Napoleon Cartoon, ' depicting Napoleon Bonaparte and British Prime Minister William Pitt playfully dividing up the world over un petit souper. Transport yourself to medieval times with a glimpse into one of France's most famous battles - Agincourt - where archers stood strong against cavalry forces. Finally, marvel at Oceanopolis Brest Brittany's fossil tooth belonging to megalodon or megatooth shark, reminding us of Earth's incredible past inhabitants. With so much to offer, it is no wonder that France continues to captivate visitors from around the globe.