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Fletcher is a popular American singer-songwriter from Nashville, Tennessee

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Fletcher is a popular American singer-songwriter from Nashville, Tennessee. He has been making music since he was a teenager and has released two albums, "A Beautiful Life" and "Undiscovered". His music is described as an eclectic mix of pop, rock, folk, and country. He has toured extensively throughout the United States and Europe in support of his albums. Fletcher's songs have been featured on television shows such as Grey's Anatomy and The Vampire Diaries. His single "War Paint" was featured in the movie Pitch Perfect 2. He has also collaborated with artists such as Justin Bieber, Ed Sheeran, Demi Lovato, Zedd and more. Fletcher is known for his powerful lyrics that speak to the heart of his listeners. His songs often explore themes of love, loss and hope while maintaining a positive outlook on life. Fletcher continues to tour around the world while writing new music for future releases. With his unique sound that blends multiple genres together he continues to captivate audiences everywhere he goes with his heartfelt performances that are sure to leave you feeling inspired.