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Flathead Lake Gallery

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Sunrise color over Flathead Lake in Elmo, Montana, USA
Shark sucker fish, Remora remora (Fork-tailed remora, Echeneis remora)
Dawn over Flathead Lake from Westside State Park near Rollins, Montana, USA
Fiery sunset clouds over Flathead Lake in Dayton, Montana, USA
Arrowleaf balsamroot wildflowers in spring on Wild Horse Island State Park near Dayton
Town of Polson, Montana, USA
Dock reaches out into Skidoo Bay in Flathead Lake near Polson, Montana, USA
Arrowleaf balsomroot blooming on Wild Horse Island State Park, Montana, USA
Shoreline of Flathead Lake receives sunrise light at West Shore State Park near Lakeside
Snow fills the boughs of ponderosa pine trees at Flathead Lake State Park, Montana, USA
Looking down onto Flathead Lake after fresh snowfall in Elmo, Montana, USA
Clarias anguillaris, catfish also known as the mudfish
Atlantic mudskipper (Periophthalmus barbarus)
The mahi-mahi or common dolphinfish (Coryphaena hippurus)
The cuckoo wrasse (Labrus mixtus)
Smallscaled gurnards (trigla hirundo)
Lepadogaster bimaculatus
Loricaria cataphracta or the chocolate loricariid
The European bullhead (Cottus gobio)
Anabas testudineus, the climbing perch
The giant gourami (Osphronemus goramy)
The South American lungfish (Lepidosiren paradoxa)
Panzerfisch (Peristethus cataphractum)
Flathead mullet (Mugil cephalus)
Osprey at nest site during rain near Rollins, Montana, USA
Flathead Cherry trees blossom along Flathead Lake near Polson Montana
Horses in pasture near Polson, Montana
Red barn sits along scenic Flathead Lake near Rollins, Montana
Horse poses by Flathead Cherry orchard near Polson, Montana, USA
USA, North America, Montana

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