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Feline Gallery

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A Cats Christmas Dance by Louis Wain
Mrs Tabithas Cat Academy Louis Wain
A Happy Pair by Louis Wain
Twins by Louis Wain
CURRIER & IVES: CAT. The Favorite Cat. Lithograph, undated by Nathaniel Currier
RUDYARD KIPLING: JUST SO. Drawing by Kipling for his Just So Stories for Little Children, 1902
Possession is nine points of the law by Louis Wain
Teasing the Cat, 1888. Creator: Tsukioka Yoshitoshi
Peaceable Kingdom, ca. 1830-32. Creator: Edward Hicks
Neofelis nebulosa diardi, clouded leopard
NATIVE AMERICAN CARVINGS. Southeastern Native American (Calusa) carved wooden cat figures, c1450
HENRY WRIOTHESLEY (1573-1624). 3rd Earl of Southampton in the Tower of London. Oil painting by John de Critz, 1603
ALICE IN WONDERLAND, 1865. The Cheshire Cat. Illustration by John Tenniel from the first edition of Lewis Carrolls
Norwegian Forest Cat
Say when - David Duggins
Feline Bell-Ringers 1875
A Cat and Dog Life by George Studdy
La paresse (Laziness), 1896. Creator: Félix Vallotton
Bengal cat (Felis catus)
MANET: CATS POSTER, 1868. French poster by Edouard Manet for the novel Les Chats [The Cats] by Champfleury
FRENCH VETERINARY CLINIC. Lithograph advertising poster, 1894, for Paris veterinary clinic by Theophile Alexandre
Maine Coon Kittens in Flower Pots
Serval (Felis serval) cub on termite mound showing the back of its ears
Mountain Lion (Cougar) (Felis concolor) in snow in captivity, near Bozeman
Male lion with cub
Prionailurus planiceps, flat-headed cat
Autumn, (etching and aquatint, printed in colours)
Scene from The Mad Hatters Tea Party, c.1865 (pen and brown ink)
Louis Wain Postcard - Diabolo
Two Cats and a butterfly
Her majesty in the light
Maine Coon, American Longhair, cat sitting in a garden
Gir / Asian Lioness (Panthera leo persica), headshot
Egyptian Mau Cat
King cheetah coat
Mountain lion jumping across rocks, Puma concolor, Captive
Tiger and crocodile engraving 1894
Japanese bobtail cat (Felis catus)
Ragdoll cat (Felis catus)
British shorthair cats (Felis catus)
Persian cat (Felis catus)
Norwegian Forest kittens beneath Christmas tree (Felis catus)
Russian Blue cat (Felis catus)
Black-footed Cat, (Felis nigripes), SW Africa
As I Was Going to St. Ives. Illustration by Arthur Rackham for a 1913 edition of Mother Goose

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