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The Kinecar by William Heath Robinson
Churchill AVRE Tank in France; Second World War, 1944
Costume / Men / Gladiator
Japanese Woman Cooking
Napoleonic Wars. Cuirassier. French Army. Heavy cavalry. Eng
Last of the Charlies -- watchman at Brixton Hill, London
East African Reconnaissance Regiment in Burma
Mobile x-ray unit
Firefighters at Middlesex Street, Aldgate, E1
Captain Portal, 4th Light Dragoons equipped for Balaklava
Costume / Men / Saxon Chief
Italians Take Adwa
Mortar, 2 In Mk Vii* Airborne
Buckley Hall Orphanage, near Rochdale, Lancashire
A young girl taking a ride on her dog
Messerschmitt Bf 110G -this type gained a second life c
Hansa-Brandenburg W 12 reconnaissance fighter
Model Gas Kitchen at Punchs Hotel, Doncaster, equipped by Radiation Ltd (b / w photo)
The War in Egypt, the Guards as equipped for Service in Egypt (engraving)
Armies of the Continent, the Honved, or Hungarian Landwehr, of the Austro-Hungarian Empire (engraving)
The Newcastle and District Electric Lighting Companys Station at Newcastle-on-Tyne, England
13th / 18th Hussars Memorial, la Breche d Hermanville
22nd Dragoons Memorial, Cresserons, Normandy
Essex Yeomanry Memorial, German Bunker Gold Beach
Canadian Fort Garry Horse Memorial Thaon
Canadian Fort Garry Horse Memorial Anguerny
Memorials to Flail tanks of 22nd Dragoons on D Day
The Impeditus, or Fully-equipped Foot Soldier (litho)
HMS Serapis equipped for the Voyage of the Prince of Wales to India (engraving)
A Boer and his Ten Sons equipped for Field Service (b / w photo)
A Maori of New Zealand equipped for Fighting (engraving)
Shuli warrior fully equipped; village in background (engraving)
Officers and Men of the 23rd Fusiliers in their Ordinary Uniform and as equipped for the Gold Coast (engraving)
The Grand Manoeuvres on Salisbury Plain (b / w photo)
A New Method of crossing a River for Cavalry (engraving)
Duke of Brittany presenting Count d Estampes with 'a handsome white palfrey
Machine Shop, Salt River Works (b / w photo)
The Nordenskjold Greenland Expedition (engraving)
The Norwegian Viking Ship discovered near Sandefjord, Norway (engraving)
Morane-Saulnier MS.502 Criquet F-BEJQ
Hawker Siddeley Nimrod R.1 XW665
Heinkel HD.37a
Friedrichshafen FF.63
L.N.E.R. Camping Coach - accomodates six persons
Sqn Ldr Lord Clydesdale, left, the chief pilot of the H?
Cancale, Brittany, France - Newfoundlanders in the port
Ambulance dog at Maktau Camp, Kenya, WW1

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