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Equine Collection

Equine, the epitome of grace and power

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Equine, the epitome of grace and power. From the intricate details etched on a horse's skull to the vibrant strokes of A Tower of Blue Horses, 1913, equines have captivated artists throughout history. Lord Walter Rothschild himself was so enamored by these majestic creatures that he even had a zebra-drawn trap. Speaking of Lords and horses, Lord Lionel Walter Rothschild left an indelible mark on equestrianism. His passion for horses knew no bounds as he marched alongside The Scots Guards during State Ceremonials. But it is not just their association with nobility that makes equines special; they possess an ethereal beauty that transcends borders. In Iceland's Akureyri, a white Icelandic horse gallops through fields adorned with lupins while its multi-colored counterpart dances in meadows further north. Art continues to pay homage to these magnificent animals. Bloomsbury showcases A Chestnut Racehorse with Sam Templeman up against a picturesque landscape - capturing both speed and serenity in one brushstroke. Meanwhile, Colonel Udnys Bay Colt Truffle by Sorcerer Held by a Groom transports us back to 1815 when this oil painting immortalized the bond between man and beast. Nature itself becomes their canvas as Icelandic horses run freely across lakes in South Iceland or brave the cold winters in Wyoming's Shell region. Even within old stables, equines exude timeless charm - reminding us of their enduring presence throughout history. Equine: more than just a word; it encompasses artistry, nobility, freedom, and companionship all at once. These incredible creatures continue to inspire awe wherever they roam.