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Equid Collection


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"Equid: A Captivating Collection of Horse Tales from Around the World" From the majestic Norwegian Fjord Horse trotting through snow to the whimsical zebra-drawn trap of Lord Walter Rothschild, equids have always fascinated us with their beauty and grace. Picture a Shetland Pony, a skewbald horse, galloping across a meadow, its mane flowing in the wind. Or imagine the strength and determination of two adults working as a team with a Clydesdale Horse at a ploughing match in Hampshire, England. Intriguingly, horses also play an integral role in cultural events like the Appleby Horse Fair where an Irish Cob (Gypsy Pony) pulls a traveler caravan towards festivities. And let's not forget Lord Lionel Walter Rothschild himself – his passion for equids left an indelible mark on history. Traveling further north to Iceland, we encounter an Icelandic Pony standing proudly on snow-covered terrain in Snaefellsnes. Meanwhile, atop uplands in Spittal of Glenshee stands a Highland Pony adorned with Glenstrathfarrar deer stalking saddle – truly capturing the essence of Scottish landscapes. Venturing into Pembrokeshire, Wales during January brings us face-to-face with the regal Welsh Mountain Pony stallion; its head held high amidst wintry surroundings. On lush meadows in Cumbria, England grazes another magnificent creature - a Clydesdale Horse stallion exuding power and elegance. The world-renowned Lippizaner breed takes center stage as we witness an elderly stallion pawing at ground while enjoying retirement at Austria's national stud in Piber. Finally, picture yourself immersed in autumnal hues as you watch a black Wuerttemberg foal joyfully gallop across meadows in Satteldorf, Germany. These glimpses into different corners of our planet showcase not only the diversity of equids but also their enduring presence in our lives.