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Edward Henry Collection

Edward Henry Wehnert was a talented artist known for his diverse range of works

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Edward Henry Wehnert was a talented artist known for his diverse range of works. From capturing the beauty of nature in "The Dancing Bear" and "Snow-White and Rose-Red, " to showcasing his mastery of landscapes in pieces like "Long Beach" and "The Grand Canyon, " Wehnert's art truly mesmerizes. His ability to bring life to still objects is evident in paintings such as "Blossom Time" and "Picking Flowers, " where every stroke seems to make the petals sway gently in the breeze. Wehnert's talent extended beyond traditional art forms, as seen in his captivating illustrations for publications like the Illustrated London News. In works like "Sebastian Gomez Discovered by His Master, Murillo, At Work, " he skillfully brings stories to life through intricate details that transport viewers into another world. Not limited to just painting or illustration, Wehnert also captured historical moments with great precision. Whether it be Edward Carson making a powerful speech or suffragettes protesting outside Sir Edward Carson's home, these images serve as important reminders of significant events throughout history. In addition to his artistic prowess, Wehnert also depicted individuals with remarkable accuracy. Professor Palmer stands tall and dignified in his portrait from c1882 while The Ivory Carver showcases the intricacies of craftsmanship. Edward Henry Wehnert's body of work reflects not only his technical skill but also his ability to evoke emotions through visual storytelling. Each piece invites viewers on a journey filled with beauty, history, and human experiences that continue to resonate today.