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Bonzos Latest: This Weeks Studdy
D. B. Wyndham-Lewis
Alexander Herzen
James Gordon Bennett Jr
Matilda Serao, Italian journalist and novelist
Caricature of Nellie Farren and Edward Ledger
Dorothy Violet Wellesley, Duchess of Wellington
Caricature of John Corlett of The Sporting Times
Sir Sam Fay by Lieut. Percival Anderson
Sketches of Cricket in India, 1890
Ezra Pound / Morgan
HELEN GURLEY BROWN (1922-2012). American author and magazine editor. Photograph by John Bottega
Alexander Russel - 2
William Ernest Henley / Vf
American pugilist. Photograph, n.d
Luigi Groto, Italian poet
Charles Mackay
Portrait of J. J. Weiss (1827-1891), 1889 (oil on panel)
Newspapers of the Commune in Paris, 1870-71 (engraving) (b / w photo)
Prang's Easter Publications, 1895 (lithography)
At the Bar of the House of Commons, the Speaker reprimanding the Editor and Publisher of the 'Globe' (litho)
Francis Jeffrey, Lord Jeffrey, Scottish judge, literary critic and editor of the Edinburgh Review (engraving)
William Gifford, English satirical poet, critic and editor of the Quarterly Review (engraving)
Sir Charles Wentworth Dilke (engraving)
Sport in Ceylon, the First Snipe of the Season (engraving)
The late Mr Chenery, Editor of 'The Times' (engraving)
Charles William Shirley Brooks, Editor of Punch (photo)
Advertisement, Library of Famous Literature (engraving)
Prominent Members of the British-American Association, United States (engraving)
The Late Reverend G B Wheeler (engraving)
Some Members of the Royal Agricultural Society of England (engraving)
Mr H W Lucy (engraving)
Mikhail Stasyulevich, Russian writer (b / w photo)
William Gifford (engraving)
Mr H W Massingham, Editor of the 'Star' (b / w photo)
Presentation to the Editor of the 'Scotsman' (engraving)
Testimonial to Mr Cox, Editor of the 'Law Times' (engraving)
Alardus of Amsterdam, 1650 (engraving)
Celio Secondo Curione, Italian humanist
Punch cartoon: Thomas Hay Sweet Estcott, English journalist and editor (engraving)
Robert Thyer (engraving)
Olinthus Gregory (engraving)
How the editor of a Derby newspaper wished to treat the staturary (engraving)
An American Editor (Mr Ambrose Kimball) riding the Rail (engraving)
The Reverend David Thomas, of Stockwell, Editor of the 'Homilist, ' and Originator of the 'Dial"
Arthur Mee, at his desk in Temple Chambers, London, while editing the first edition of the Children'
The late Robert Carruthers, LLD, Editor of the 'Inverness Courier' (engraving)
The late John Latey, Editor of 'The Sketch' (b / w photo)

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