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Disembarking Gallery

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Croydon Airport 1934
Torpoint Ferry, Plymouth Harbour, Devon
Winston Churchill arriving in America, 1943
Mauretania Tender
Passenger Transfer
Casablanca, Morocco - Maritime Station
Holy Island, Northumberland, c.1820 (oil on canvas)
Dropping the Pilot, 1890. Artist: John Tenniel
Disembarkation of the Spanish at Veracruz. 1951
Illustration of people boarding and getting off a bus
The Ashanti Expedition, the West India Regiment disembarking at Cape Coast (litho)
The Boer Leaders in England, the Arrival at Southampton, 16 August (engraving)
Arrival of William of Orange in England, November 1688 (litho)
General Jacques Duchesne, commander of the French Expeditionary Force to Madagascar
The War in the Soudan, disembarking Baker Pashas Force at Trinkitat for the Relief of Tokar (litho)
The British Occupation of Cyprus, disembarking Horses in the Roadstead at Larnaca (engraving)
The Recent Disturbances in Zululand (engraving)
The Belgian African Expedition, disembarking Elephants at Msasani Bay (engraving)
A group of men disembarking from their carriage (colour litho)
For Italy to be respected and its children protected and avenged (colour litho)
Americas contribution to the war for world freedom (colour litho)
Senegalese troops disembarking at the new wharf of Cotonou, Dahomey (colour litho)
L Immigration Indienne (engraving)
WW II - Britiash airborne troops east of River Rhine, Germa
British soldiers disembarking at Basra, Iraq
Disembarking the Italian Hundred-Ton Gun arrived at Spezia from Newcastle-on-Tyne (engraving)
The Grand Duke Constantine disembarking off Osborne from Her Majestys Yacht 'Osborne'(engraving)
President Faure in Russia (engraving)
Off to the Continent? - British Railways Cross-Channel
First arrival at the Portuguese settlement at Dille, Timor
Verdis Otello (chromolitho)
Sick and wounded French soldiers returning from Madagascar (engraving)
Debarquement Des Vikins (engraving)
For the defense of our Colonies (colour litho)
The first ranks of fighters who conquered an Empire from Italy return from East Africa (colour litho)
Disembarkation of animals to be used in the Roman games (coloured engraving)
Dropping the Pilot (b / w photo)
Ancient Rome (coloured engraving)
Arrival of King Edward VII in Marseilles (colour litho)
The King in Venice (colour litho)
Towards the practical phase of aviation (colour litho)
The Landing, Island Beach, New Jersey, USA
Paris, France - Debarcadere du Pont d Austerlitz
With the Sierra Leone Frontier Force, from Freetown to Falaba (engraving)
General View of the Operations at Kertch (engraving)
Arrival of the Empress Dowager Frederick of Germany at Port Victoria (engraving)
The Vanquished of Life, Arrival In Genoa Of Italian Emigrants Going Crazy In The Argentine Republic (colour litho)
The Spanish Red Route on the Ebro (Colour Litho)

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