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Diagnostic Gallery

Available as Prints and Gift Items

Medieval urine wheel
Panoramic dental X-ray
Full body scan, MRI scan
Home cholesterol test kit
Brain anatomy, MRI scan
ECGs of a normal heart rate, artwork
Tuberculosis, X-ray
Normal EEG read out of the brains alpha waves
Eye examination
Fractured ankle, X-ray
Brain tumour, MRI scan
Broken wrist bone, X-ray C017 / 7187
Ruptured Achilles tendon, MRI C018 / 0649
Tension pneumothorax, X-ray
Normal human brain, MRI scan C016 / 8845
Ruptured breast implants, MRI
Phrenology bust
Liver tissue cirrhosis, light micrograph
Neck, side view, coloured X-ray
Healthy heart, conceptual image
Slipped disc
Slipped disc
Lung function test
Inflamed spinal discs, MRI scan
Dr. Vigourouxs electro-diagnostic at La Salpetriere
August Wassermann
X-rays of a persons wrists
X-rays of a persons knees
X-ray of a persons spine
X-ray of a persons breasts
X-rays of a persons hands
Broken ankle, X-ray C017 / 7185
Normal skull and brain, 3D CT scan C016 / 6333
Broken leg, X-ray C017 / 7977
Broken foot, X-ray C017 / 7975
Pinned broken arm, X-ray C017 / 7869
Dental plaque and tartar
Caricature of Roentgen and X-rays
Lisfranc fracture, X-ray
Fractured vertebra, X-ray C017 / 7586
Asbestosis, X-ray C017 / 7143
Deformed hands, X-ray C017 / 7561
Pneumothorax, X-ray C017 / 7148
Arthritis of the neck, X-ray C017 / 7389
Fish hook in finger, X-ray C017 / 7160
Gallstone, ultrasound scan C017 / 7643
Pinned boken ankle, X-ray C017 / 7186
Swallowed key and blades, X-ray C017 / 7559

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Framed, Prints, Puzzles, Posters, Canvas, Fine Art, Mounted, Metal, Cards, Housewares...

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