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Detective Gallery

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Sherlock Holmes / Reverie
Christie Poirot Cover
JEREMY BRETT (1935-1995). English actor. As Sherlock Holmes in The Hound of the Baskervilles, 1988
Cid Officers as Dockers
Hercule Poirot
Sherlock Holmes and his career
Sherlock Holmes and Doctor John Watson. Illustration by Sidney Paget from the Strand magazine for Sir Arthur Conan
SHERLOCK HOLMES Sherlock with Dr. John Watson in a corner of a first-class carriage
DOYLE: SHERLOCK HOLMES, 1893. Holmes opened it and smelled the single cigar which it contained
DOYLE: SHERLOCK HOLMES. Sherlock Holmes and Professor Moriarty locked in mortal combat at the Reichenbach Falls
The Hound Of The Baskervilles
SHERLOCK HOLMES. Dr. John Watson observing Sherlock Holmes working hard over a
SHERLOCK HOLMES. Sherlock Holmes. Drawing by Sidney Paget for Arthur Conan Doyle's
SHERLOCK HOLMES. Basil Rathbone (1892-1967). English actor. In the role of Sherlock Holmes
The Adventure of Silver Blaze, Holmes questioning a suspect. Artist: Sidney E Paget
Arrested by an undercover police officer
Scene from Les Miserables, by Victor Hugo: Javert, the detective (engraving)
DOYLE: SHERLOCK HOLMES. Sherlock Holmes (left) concludes an interview with the Napoleon of crime, Professor Moriarty
Poe / Purloined Letter
FBI AGENT, 1945. D.A. Bryce, head of the Oklahoma City Federal Bureau of Investigation office
I Will Wish You All A Very Good Night, 1892. Artist: Sidney E Paget
Sketching and Photographing on Board Ship (engraving)
Then he stood by the fire: scene from the Sherlock Holmes mystery A Scandal in Bohemia, by Arthur Conan Doyle (litho)
Punch cartoon: Adolphus Williamson, British police officer and first head of the Detective Branch of the Metropolitan
Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
The Arrest Of Famous French Fraudster Teresa Humbert And Her Family In A Modest Apartment In Madrid (Colour Litho)
Discovery Of A Counterfeit Coin Factory In Rome, Police Officers, Transvestites, Struggling With... (colour litho)
The Hound Of The Baskervilles
The dynamite outrages at Scotland Yard and St James's Square (engraving)
The Home-Rulers Outraged, Scenes at the Banquet in Dublin (engraving)
The Guinness Hill Affair (engraving)
Honeymoon Hardships (engraving)
Melbourne Illustrated, in the Chinese Quarter (engraving)
A chat with Inspector Moser, the famous detective (colour litho)
Sketches at the London Police-Courts (litho)
A Day on the Ripley Road (engraving)
A desperate character. A woman detective pupil at the Baker Street school for lady
SHERLOCK HOLMES, c1905. Illustration by Frederic Dorr Steele of Sir Arthur Conan
Sherlock Holmes uptodate (litho)
An important clue, measuring footsteps (litho)
The detective, new style, in the laboratory (litho)
Paris detective Paul Jaume carrying out an interrogation (litho)
How The Rome Police Were To Get Back A Precious, Stolen Painting By Sassoferrato (Colour Litho)
News stand in Central London
The Speckled Band by Arthur Conan Doyle from his own short story
Disguises used by Parisian detective Paul Jaume (litho)
Marie-Francois Goron, Chief of the Paris Detective Police, in his office (litho)
'He laid one lean inquiring finger on the small smear' (engraving)

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