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Depicted Collection

"Depicted: A Journey through History and Art" Step into the world of art and history as we explore various depictions that have left a lasting impact on our culture

Background imageDepicted Collection: Hegel & Napoleon

Hegel & Napoleon
GEORG WILHELM FRIEDRICH HEGEL German philosopher depicted on the occasion of his encounter with the emperor Napoleon at Jena, 1806

Background imageDepicted Collection: London Pride & Gold. Rod

London Pride & Gold. Rod

Background imageDepicted Collection: Liberal Party Poster, We Mobilised for War - Let us Mobilis

Liberal Party Poster, We Mobilised for War - Let us Mobilis
A Liberal Party Poster with Lloyd George, Liberal Leader, depicted above the slogan We mobilised for War - let us Mobilise for Prosperity! Vote Liberal

Background imageDepicted Collection: Real Tennis & Racquets

Real Tennis & Racquets
The racquets used to play the game are depicted below a match in progress. Date: 1771

Background imageDepicted Collection: Mary, Russian Icon

Mary, Russian Icon
Mary and Jesus, with attendant angels, as depicted in a Russian icon

Background imageDepicted Collection: Mary / Czestochowa

Mary / Czestochowa
depicted as OUR LADY OF CZESTOCHOWA, Poland

Background imageDepicted Collection: St Laurence of Rome

St Laurence of Rome
Saint LAURENCE OF ROME depicted with the grid on which he will soon be martyred

Background imageDepicted Collection: Bismarck as Blacksmith

Bismarck as Blacksmith
OTTO BISMARCK Prussian statesman, depicted as Smith of the Nation, handing a newly forged sword to Germania

Background imageDepicted Collection: Saint Rita Praying

Saint Rita Praying
SAINT RITA OF CASCIA Italian peasant woman who survived a brutal husband to become a nun and saint - depicted at prayer Date: 1377 - 1447

Background imageDepicted Collection: Angerona Goddess

Angerona Goddess
A Roman goddess of obscure attributes : depicted here with finger to lips, she is also represented with her mouth bound, so there are connotations of secrecy

Background imageDepicted Collection: Chatsworth House C18Th

Chatsworth House C18Th
Chatsworth House & its extensive, landscaped grounds in the middle of the 18th century. Avenues of trees, walled gardens, waterworks & fountain are depicted

Background imageDepicted Collection: Plants / Galanthus Nivalis

Plants / Galanthus Nivalis
Snowdrop Depicted with Leucajum Aestivum : Snowflake

Background imageDepicted Collection: Maria, De Agreda (1602

Maria, De Agreda (1602
Spanish nun & saint depicted here preaching to native Americans while remaining in Spain

Background imageDepicted Collection: Schneider Trophy 1929

Schneider Trophy 1929
Cover for the official programme : the aircraft depicted is the Italian Macchi 52, which to Il Duces disappointment failed to win the face

Background imageDepicted Collection: Oracle of Zeus, Dodona

Oracle of Zeus, Dodona
ZEUS / JUPITER DODONEUS whose oracle at Dodona was the oldest in Greece : the prophecies came from the sacred oak, which is depicted here as having human form

Background imageDepicted Collection: Warwick Castle 1760

Warwick Castle 1760
The finest mediaeval castle in England. The present stone castle beig built in the 12th century. Ceasars Tower, Guys Tower & the Gatehouse are all depicted

Background imageDepicted Collection: Lord Byron / Greek Costume

Lord Byron / Greek Costume
GEORGE GORDON, LORD BYRON English poet, depicted here in his costume as a Greek patriot

Background imageDepicted Collection: Neptune Steamship

Neptune Steamship
Since this paddle steamer is depicted on the Elbe, it is doubtless employed on the England to Hamburg run. The other ship is the Caledonia

Background imageDepicted Collection: Jesus on Cross (Durer)

Jesus on Cross (Durer)
JESUS CHRIST known also as JESUS OF NAZARETH Religious leader of Jewish origin who preached christianity. Depicted on the Cross

Background imageDepicted Collection: Jenny Lind / 1850 Print

Jenny Lind / 1850 Print
JENNY LIND Swedish soprano, known as The Swedish Nightingale and The Queen of Song, depicted exchanging her notes for gold

Background imageDepicted Collection: Marie Antoinette &fersen

Marie Antoinette &fersen
MARIE ANTOINETTE at the age of 23, depicted with her Swedish admirer, le comte Axel Fersen, in the park of the Palais de Versailles

Background imageDepicted Collection: Saint Teresa (Anon)

Saint Teresa (Anon)
SAINT TERESA OF AVILA depicted enraptured in contemplation of the sacred heart of Jesus : her own heart is bleeding due to being pierced by an arrow

Background imageDepicted Collection: Richard III on Horse

Richard III on Horse
KING RICHARD III OF ENGLAND depicted at the fatal battle of Bosworth Field - a splendidly stylised depiction showing the doomed monarch desperate yet determined

Background imageDepicted Collection: PTOLEMYs SYSTEM (2)

Earth is depicted at the centre of the cosmos, circled by the seven planets known to him : our globe is made up of four elements - earth, air, fire and water

Background imageDepicted Collection: Turbinia - steam turbine-powered steamship

Turbinia - steam turbine-powered steamship
Turbinia - the first steam turbine-powered steamship. Built as an experimental vessel in 1894, Turbinia wasy the fastest ship anywhere in the world at that time

Background imageDepicted Collection: St Birgitta of Sweden

St Birgitta of Sweden
SAINT BIRGITTA Swedish saint, depicted at prayer before a crucifix. Date: CIRCA 1303 - 1373

Background imageDepicted Collection: Scenes of peasant working life, Ireland

Scenes of peasant working life, Ireland
These illustrations show women and men engaged in activities such as carding wool, spinning, sowing, threshing, minnowing and scutching

Background imageDepicted Collection: Khrushchev Speaking at the UN

Khrushchev Speaking at the UN
Russian statesman, secretary-general of the Communist Party and premier 1958-1964, Nikita Khrushchev (1894-1971), depicted addressing the assembly at the United Nations

Background imageDepicted Collection: George Whitefield / Anon

George Whitefield / Anon
GEORGE WHITEFIELD Methodist preacher depicted in the act of preaching

Background imageDepicted Collection: Banastre Tarleton (1782)

Banastre Tarleton (1782)
SIR BANASTRE TARLETON British soldier in the Revolutionary Wars in America (depicted here as Lieutenant Colonel)

Background imageDepicted Collection: De Vere, Earl Oxford

De Vere, Earl Oxford
AUBREY (ALBERIC) DE VERE 2ND EARL OF OXFORD Lord High Chamberlain of England, with Adelizia, his consort. He is depicted in full suit mail. Date: - 1215

Background imageDepicted Collection: In the Stalls at the Empire Theatre, 1894

In the Stalls at the Empire Theatre, 1894
Engraving showing three theatre-goers heading for their seats, in the stalls, at the Empire Theatre, 1894. All these people are depicted wearing formal, evening attire for their trip to the theatre

Background imageDepicted Collection: Mary Immaculate Virgin

Mary Immaculate Virgin
depicted as the Virgo Immaculata

Background imageDepicted Collection: Whaling Ship / 1849

Whaling Ship / 1849
The Samuel Enderby, a whaling ship depicted departing for the Auckland Islands

Background imageDepicted Collection: Lenin Making Speech

Lenin Making Speech
VLADIMIR ILICH ULYANOV LENIN The Russian statesman is depicted making a rousing speech

Background imageDepicted Collection: John Milton Dictating

John Milton Dictating
JOHN MILTON depicted dictating Paradise Lost to his daughters

Background imageDepicted Collection: Saint Brigid Writing

Saint Brigid Writing
SAINT BRIGID Irish abbess, depicted receiving help with her writing from an angel

Background imageDepicted Collection: Artemis / Diana

Artemis / Diana
The goddess of childbirth and womens rites of passage, depicted with the new moon on her head and a cape embroidered with stars

Background imageDepicted Collection: Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great
ALEXANDER THE GREAT King of Macedon, Greece depicted as a sun-god

Background imageDepicted Collection: Mother Shipton

Mother Shipton
MOTHER SHIPTON, (nee Ursula Sontheil), famous prophetess of Knaresborough, Yorkshire, depicted with a familiar

Background imageDepicted Collection: UFO Book

UFO Book
Michel CARROUGES, Les Apparitions de Martiens The incident depicted is the October 1954 encounter between Marius Dewilde and aliens at Quarouble, France Date: 1954

Background imageDepicted Collection: Embassy at Tehran

Embassy at Tehran
Reception of the Embassy, near Tehran : following preliminary negotiations depicted here, a British mission (and subsequently an embassy) was set up in Tehran

Background imageDepicted Collection: Teresa Meets Child Jesus

Teresa Meets Child Jesus
Though mostly Teresa met Jesus as an adult, on one occasion she was privileged to meet him as a child - the scene depicted in this window

Background imageDepicted Collection: Wyclif / Paget / Harpers

Wyclif / Paget / Harpers
JOHN WYCLIF religious reformer, depicted writing

Background imageDepicted Collection: Saint Andrew (Butler)

Saint Andrew (Butler)
SAINT ANDREW one of Jesuss apostles, he is depicted holding the cross on which he will be crucified

Background imageDepicted Collection: Antony of Padua

Antony of Padua
The Italian saint is depicted holding the infant Jesus, though in historical fact the two never met

Background imageDepicted Collection: Convolvulus & C. Bell

Convolvulus & C. Bell
Pink CONVOLVULUS (Bindweed) & blue & white CAMPANULA MEDIUM Canterbury Bell) depicted with bees

Background imageDepicted Collection: Mikhail Lermontov

Mikhail Lermontov
MIKHAIL YUREVICH LERMONTOV Russian writer, depicted wearing the pelisse of the Imperial Hussar Guards Regiment

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"Depicted: A Journey through History and Art" Step into the world of art and history as we explore various depictions that have left a lasting impact on our culture. From Hegel's philosophical musings to Napoleon's grandeur, these figures have shaped our understanding of power and influence. London Pride & Gold Rod - Symbolizing resilience and strength, these emblems remind us of the unwavering spirit that defines Londoners. Real Tennis & Racquets - Delve into the world of ancient sports as we uncover the origins of real tennis and racquets, showcasing the evolution of athleticism throughout time. Liberal Party Poster, "We Mobilised for War - Let us Mobilise" - Witness the power of political propaganda as this poster rallies citizens during times of conflict, urging them to unite in support for their country. Bismarck as Blacksmith - Discover how Otto von Bismarck's iron-fisted leadership transformed Germany from a fragmented nation into an industrial powerhouse. Mary, Russian Icon / Mary Czestochowa - Explore religious devotion through two iconic depictions of Mary; one representing Russian Orthodox traditions while another symbolizes Polish Catholic faith. St Laurence of Rome / Saint Rita Praying - Marvel at the spiritual fervor embodied by St. Laurence and St. Rita as they inspire believers with their unwavering dedication to their faith. Angerona Goddess – Uncover the enigmatic allure surrounding Angerona, goddess of silence and secrets who holds sway over emotions concealed within us all. Chatsworth House C18th – Immerse yourself in opulence at Chatsworth House, where 18th-century elegance meets architectural brilliance amidst stunning landscapes that captivate visitors even today. Mother Shipton – Embark on a mystical journey with Mother Shipton, an infamous prophetess whose prophecies continue to intrigue generations with their eerie accuracy.