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Demonstrating Gallery

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Firefighters and hoses, LFB annual review, Lambeth HQ LFB150
DE BARBARI, Jacopo (half 15th century-1515)
Hogarth Election / 1Of4(C)
Cub Scout on skis, Snowy Mountains, Australia
The Apiarist
The Apiarist
Mass jets at the LFB annual review at Lambeth HQ
Revolutionary art, Museum of the Revolution, Havana, Cuba
The Argentine Tango
LCC-LFB Breathing apparatus communications set
Washing Board
Washing Board
Physician and physicist, William Gilbert, demonstrating magnetism to Queen Elizabeth I (litho)
Sailors demonstrating flag semaphore system
Policeman and policewoman with gas masks
Shotton Works Demo C1972
Crop Circle Alton Barnes
The Election II: Canvassing for Votes, 1754-55 (oil on canvas)
An Election Entertainment, 1755 (oil on canvas)
Firefighters climbing wheeled escape ladders
Equal volumes of different materials
Demonstration of the wireless telephone
Demonstration to keep Horley and Charlwood in Surrey
Vesalius Demonstrates
Oil and water, high-speed image
Dance, Ballet - two dancers demonstrating lifts and poses
Listening to a Phonograph, South Africa, c.1902
Photographs of Harry Price at Work
William Caxton showing printing to Edward IV
Brian Jacks at Carn Brea Leisure Centre, Redruth, Cornwall
Palestinian Arabic Scribe in London
Puysegur and Victor
Boy scouts in Cairo, Egypt
Indian boy sitting on Victoria Regia water lily leaf
Instructor explaining the operation of the parachute to students, Fort Worth, Tex. 1942. Creator: Arthur Rothstein
Instructor explaining the operation of a parachute to student pilots, Fort Worth, Tex. 1942. Creator: Arthur Rothstein
Indiana Harbor Belt RR, switchman demonstrating signal with a 'fusee'... 1943. Creator: Jack Delano
The No Popery rioters attacking the Members of Parliament in Palace Yard (engraving)
Election Riot at Hawick, 1837, illustration from Cassells Illustrated History of England, published in 1895 (engraving)
Demonstrating to the Wife a New Method of Frittering a Banana by Electricity (litho)
Voltas battery (colour litho)
American extravagances, a Goose Derby, on Madison Avenue in New York, for the inauguration... (colour litho)
Comic postcard, Woman buying underwear in a shop Date: 20th century
Lazare Carnot visiting the workshop of Jacquard in Lyon, 1801 (colour litho)
W.V.S. Worker demonstrating how to build an emergency oven
George Stephenson at Darlington - embroidery
Eadweard Muybridge: The Walk (b / w photo)
Making Cloisonne enamel - Japanese village in London
McMichael Radio used to receive weather reports

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