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Dark Collection

In the depths of darkness, two little blue penguins emerge from their hidden sanctuary on the St Kilda breakwater

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In the depths of darkness, two little blue penguins emerge from their hidden sanctuary on the St Kilda breakwater. Silhouetted against the mesmerizing city lights of Melbourne, they stand tall as if guardians of the night. This captivating scene captured in December 2016 is a reminder that even in the darkest hours, there is always a glimmer of hope. As daylight fades and shadows lengthen, my studio window becomes a front-row seat to an enchanting spectacle. A daylight raid unfolds before my eyes, revealing nature's nocturnal secrets. The July sky serves as a backdrop for this mysterious dance between light and dark. Albrecht Durer's Rhinoceros emerges from obscurity with its intricate details etched into our collective memory. Its dark silhouette against a blank canvas evokes curiosity and wonder about this majestic creature that once roamed our planet. Battersea Power Station stands proudly amidst London's urban landscape, its towering chimneys piercing through the darkness like sentinels guarding the city's energy source. A symbol of resilience and transformation, it reminds us that even in times of uncertainty, there is potential for rebirth. Gormley's Angel of the North looms large over its surroundings, casting an imposing figure against both day and night skies. With outstretched wings embracing all who pass by, it embodies strength and protection within its metallic frame. Paul Dirac gazes into infinity with his Nobel Prize in hand; his groundbreaking contributions to physics illuminate our understanding of the universe's darkest corners. In his brilliance lies inspiration for those who dare to explore uncharted territories. The Avebury Stone Circle stands stoically under moonlit skies - ancient sentinels marking time itself. Within these hallowed grounds lie untold stories whispered by generations past; their presence shrouded in mystery yet beckoning us to unravel their secrets.