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Conquest Gallery

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Map of the Roman Empire
D-Day - Supplies pour ashore
MAP OF MACEDONIAN EMPIRE. Map of the Macedonian Empire following the conquests of Alexander the Great, 4th
Codex Borgia. Ritual and divinatory mesoamerican
Hillary and Tensing on Mount Everest
Ancient History - Map of Alexander the Great Campaigns
Arrow through Eye
Bayeux Tapestry
UFOs over statues
Harold Arrow in Eye
Mongol soldiers demonstrating their horsemanship
The cacique of Tabasco presents to Hernan Cortes twenty Indi
Map of Roman Kent
Alexanders army prepares to destroy Persepolis
Assyrian Lion Hunt
Frederick I Barbarossa Holy Roman Emperor
Inside the Dome of Discovery, Festival of Britain, London
General Wolfe climbing the Heights of Abraham, Quebec, 1759 (colour litho)
Arch of Titus. Rome. Italy
RIVERA, Diego (1886-1957). History of Mexico
Conquest of the Earth, Amazing Stories Scifi Magazine Cover
Battle of Hastings 1066
Surrender of Porus to the Emperor Alexander, 326 BC (engraving)
The Romans (coloured engraving)
Christopher Columbus (1451-1506). Engraving. Colored
The New Standard Theatre, 1845
America (16th). La Noche Triste (Sad night
Battle of Otumba. Cortes troops defeated Aztec
Norman Invasion of England, 1066
William the Conqueror
Hernan Cortes (1488-1547). Engraving. Colored
Moctezuma II, Hernan Cortes, Pedro de Alvarado, Gonzalo de
Body of Harold II is found
Roman siege of a fortified city
Germanic invasion stopped at Fiesole, 406 AD
Peru / Cuzco C1520
EDWARD OF WOODSTOCK The Black Prince (1330-1376)
Washington DC; USA: National Air and Space Museum. Charles Lindberghs Spirit of St
NORMAN WARSHIP, 1066. The ship in which William the Conquerer crossed the English Channel in 1066
Ptolemais given to Philip Augustus (1165-1223) and Richard the Lionheart (1157-99) 13th July 1191
Peter the Great, Russian Tsar
The Invasions of England and Ireland With al [sic] their Civ
Cortes destroying his fleet. Colored engraving
US exploration of Mars, artwork
Chapel Royal choristers
Spaniards Mass, Mexico

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