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Collisions Gallery

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Higgs boson event, ATLAS detector C013 / 6892
ATLAS detector, CERN
CMS detector, CERN
GLC-LFB Road traffic accident (RTA)
Breakdown lorry from Lambeth fire station in action
Lead ion collisions
Particle collision
Black-headed gull (Chroicocephalus ridibundus) alighting on water at dawn, Cheshire, UK, November
A torpedo that overturns a locomotive (colour litho)
On the Intra-Cannobio-Locarno road, a Swiss car suddenly popped out of a curve... (colour litho)
A young teacher, who arrived by bicycle near the Ticino village in Pavia, was hit... (colour litho)
At the crossing at the level of Cesenatico, in Romagna, two women, in a buggy, waited for it to be... (colour litho)
Four German aeronauts (colour litho) have run a scary adventure
A tragic accident has devastated the womens automotive elegance contest at the Bois de Boulogne (Paris) (colour litho)
An Italian steam violently hit and sunk by a Belgian steam loaded with coal near Cartagena (colour litho)
Father and son traveling on a pickup truck loaded with caged chickens... (colour litho)
An exceptional rescue (colour litho)
Collision between the 'Duchess of Kent'and the 'Ravensbourne'Steamers
Twenty-three girls and two nuns, returning from a trip to Praglia (Padua) on a cart... (colour litho)
An unprecedented accident occurred at the station of Zollino (South East Railways) in Apulia (colour litho)
The car that enters through the roof (colour litho)
The clash of two mechanical monsters (colour litho)
An exceptional fall (colour litho)
Damaged Bows of the Steam-Ship Arizona, from Contact with an Iceberg (engraving)
A terrible collision between cars interrupted the circulation on the... (colour litho)
The Collision off Dover, the Barque Moel Eilian after the Collision (engraving)
The Crew of the Harriet jumping from the Foremast of the Harriet (engraving)
A motorboat with eight people, after a collision with a steamer, is sinking in the Venice Lagoon (colour litho)
In a very violent clash, which took place on the outskirts of London, between a motorcycle and a... (colour litho)
A New Kind of Clash (Colour Litho)
The adventure of a very daring (colour litho)
An air drama in Buenos Aires (colour litho)
The Fatal Collision at the Mouth of the Mersey between the Inman Mail Steamer 'City of Brussels"
The Collision between the 'Bywell Castle'and the 'Princess Alice'on the Thames
Damaged Hull of the Saint Germain (engraving)
Venices Canalgrande Vaporetto sunk by a torpedo boat in the lagoon on its way back... (colour litho)
A singular adventure (colour litho)
During the hour of the evening walk, in a street in Livorno, a car, jumped from the road on... (colour litho)
The Bad Jokes of Chance (Colour Litho)
A Tragic Leap (Colour Litho)
LCC-LFB bus crash, Walworth Road SE17
Natural Accidents in practising Quadrille Dancing, pub. Cleary
Car crash at a bus stop
Rigid airship and the Empire State Building
An overturned lorry spills its load, Cheyne Walk
Lorry under bridge, Loughborough Lane, SW9
LCC-LFB Attending a car crash on a London street

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