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Cityscape Collection

"Captivating Cityscapes: A Journey Through Time and Continents" Embark on a visual voyage to Venice in the year 1500

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"Captivating Cityscapes: A Journey Through Time and Continents" Embark on a visual voyage to Venice in the year 1500, as Jacopo de Barbari's map unveils the intricate cityscape of this enchanting Italian gem. The Grand Canal of Venice beckons with its timeless allure, offering a breathtaking view that stretches southeastward towards the Campo della Carita in the 1730s. Immerse yourself in Liverpool's vibrant history as you witness the River Mersey ferry gliding gracefully past the iconic Three Graces, an emblematic sight etched into Merseyside's soul. London proudly showcases its architectural prowess through Marylebone Town Hall, standing tall among London's new buildings during the captivating era of c1935. Benidorm emerges like a shimmering jewel along Spain's Alicante Province coastline, where modernity meets Mediterranean charm against Europe's azure backdrop. Beirut captivates hearts with its resilient spirit and rich heritage woven seamlessly into its urban tapestry—a city that rises from ashes to embrace life amidst adversity. Step back in time to Florence circa 1470 as Francesco di Lorenzo Rosselli's Della Catena Map reveals an exquisite illustration of this Renaissance marvel nestled within Tuscany. Transport yourself to Harlem in New York during the glamorous 1930s when jazz notes filled the air at Cotton Club—an iconic landmark illuminating Manhattan’s cultural skyline. Witness resilience amid darkness as lower Manhattan surrenders to shadows while Goldman Sachs building defiantly shines forth—symbolizing hope even amidst challenging times. Singapore dazzles with its futuristic skyline adorned by Marina Bay Sands Hotel and Gardens—a testament to innovation harmoniously blending with nature’s splendor. Valletta stands proud upon Malta’s shores, boasting architectural wonders that narrate tales of knights and empires against a Mediterranean backdrop that whispers ancient secrets.