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China Collection

"Discover the captivating allure of China, where ancient traditions meet modern wonders

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"Discover the captivating allure of China, where ancient traditions meet modern wonders. Immerse yourself in the enchanting beauty of Chinoiserie wallpaper J050121, a true masterpiece that reflects the rich cultural heritage of this vibrant nation. Explore the Wheel of Life, a mesmerizing Tibetan art form that depicts the cycle of existence and offers profound insights into Buddhist philosophy. Journey to Western Tibet and witness the awe-inspiring snow-capped Mount Kailash, also known as Gang Rinpoche. This sacred site attracts pilgrims from all corners of Asia who embark on the spiritual trail known as Kora amidst the breathtaking Gang-Tise Mountains. Marvel at how Tibetan Buddhism intertwines with nature in this mystical region within China's Tibet Autonomous Region. Indulge in a moment reminiscent of Steed and Mrs Peel as they enjoy tea together, capturing both elegance and British charm against an oriental backdrop. Encounter a golden statue adorned with countless small Buddhas depicting Laughing Buddha at Tanzhe Temple in Beijing – an embodiment of joy and contentment. Step back in time with a vintage U. S. Navy travel poster from the 1930s, inviting you to explore new horizons through travel while showcasing China's allure as an exotic destination. Experience serenity among fluttering prayer flags adorning majestic Himalayan landscapes –a sight that evokes spirituality and tranquility. Marvel at Harold Harvey's painting "The Tea Table, " which encapsulates timeless Chinese customs surrounding tea ceremonies –a symbol of hospitality and connection shared by friends across generations. Gaze upon Hong Kong's iconic Star Ferry Terminal against a stunning skyline at dusk; it is here where East meets West seamlessly. Finally, let your imagination take flight with Arthur Szyk's drawing portraying "The Emperor with The Nightingale. " Inspired by Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale, it reminds us how stories transcend borders and cultures.