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Chief Collection

"Leadership Legacies: From Chief Scout Lord Baden Powell to Geronimo and Beyond" 1

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"Leadership Legacies: From Chief Scout Lord Baden Powell to Geronimo and Beyond" 1. Chief Scout Lord Baden Powell: A visionary leader who founded the Boy Scouts movement, leaving an indelible mark on youth development worldwide. 2. Unveiling the Iroquois Creation Myth: Sky Woman's tale, a captivating depiction of ancient Native American beliefs and their connection to nature. 3. Geronimo: The fearless Apache leader whose name became synonymous with bravery and resistance against oppression in 19th-century America. 4. Lord Baden-Powell's House in the Woods: Exploring the tranquil retreat that inspired one of history's greatest advocates for outdoor education and character-building. 5. PETALESHARO II - Man Chief of the Pawnee Nation: Discovering the life and legacy of this revered Native American chief, known for his wisdom and leadership among his people. 6. Thomas Cromwell Earl of Essex - A Portrait by Holbein: Delving into the intriguing persona of this influential British statesman during King Henry VIII's reign. 7. Tecumseh - Shawnee Tribe's Resilient Chief: Uncovering the story behind this remarkable Native American leader who fought valiantly for tribal unity against encroaching settlers. 8. Air Chief Marshal Sir Hugh Dowding - WW2 Heroic Strategist: Recognizing the brilliant mind behind Britain's successful defense during World War II, ensuring victory through innovative air tactics. 9. Frederick Roberts, 1st Earl Roberts - British Military Legend: Celebrating a distinguished military career marked by strategic brilliance and unwavering dedication to service. 10. Captain John Smiths' Virginia Map (1612): Tracing early colonial exploration through this historic map that reveals Captain Smith's pioneering efforts in charting Virginia’s uncharted territories. 11. Flying Scotsman – LNER High-pressure Compound Express Loco.