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Cern Gallery

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Particle tracks
Higgs boson event, ATLAS detector C013 / 6892
ATLAS detector, CERN
Mock-up of Large Hadron Collider at CERN
CMS detector, CERN
Proton collision C014 / 1797
Particle physics experiment, artwork
Computer artwork of ATLAS detector at CERN
Brian Cox, caricature
Simulation of Higgs boson production
Higgs boson, artwork C018 / 0936
Prof. Peter Higgs
British physicist Prof. Peter Higgs C015 / 4138
Xray X-MP / 48 supercomputer at CERN
Testing magnets for Large Hadron Collider
Lead ion collisions
LEP collider tunnel, CERN
Model of the ATLAS particle detector C017 / 6987
Lead ion collision C014 / 1793
End of magnet for Large Hadron Collider
Cray X-Mp / 48 supercomputer
L3 particle detector at CERN
W particle decay in Ua1 detector at CERN
Electron-positron collision C014 / 1799
Guido Tonelli, CERN physicist
Higgs boson research, ATLAS detector C013 / 6890
Peter Higgs, British physicist C013 / 6881
Englert and Higgs at CERN C013 / 6880
Higgs boson research, CMS detector C013 / 6884
Francois Englert, Belgian physicist C013 / 6879
Higgs boson discovery announcement C013 / 6875
Grid computer farm
World Wide Web main server at CERN, Geneva
Cray supercomputer
Main computer at CERN
Grid computer farm
CRAY X-MP / 48 superconductor
Technician in OPAL detector, CERN
ATHENA antimatter experiment
Supersymmetric particle production
ATLAS detector module
Computer art of ATLAS detector, CERN
The OPAL detector at CERN
Antihydrogen experiment at CERN
Jets of particles from matter / antimatter collision
LEP particle collider, CERN
ALICE detector magnets
CMS detector
CMS detector
Z particle decay
LHC tunnel, CERN
CERN radio frequency accelerator
Composite image of Large Hadron Collider
Particle accelerator, CERN, Geneva. CERN photograph
Particle accelerator tunnel, CERN, Geneva. CERN photograph
Higgs boson event C014 / 1812
Lead ion collisions
Particle collision, artwork C018 / 0942

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