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"Exploring the Car Ferry Experience: From Hampshire to Norway" Embark on a scenic journey from England's Hampshire coast, as you board the Wightlink Ferry Victoria of Wight in Portsmouth. As you set sail, catch a glimpse of the iconic Spinnaker Tower standing tall against the skyline, bidding you farewell. Across the channel, witness actor David Jason filming aboard Stena Horse as it departs Folkestone - an unexpected sight during your ferry adventure. Travel further north to Sweden's Gotland Island and discover Visby, where the Gotland Ferry awaits to transport you across its picturesque waters. Marvel at the breathtaking Geiranger Fjord in Norway as a car ferry gracefully navigates through its dramatic landscapes. Pass beneath an old abandoned farm and be captivated by the cascading Seven Sisters waterfall while cruising along Geiranger Fjord. Admire national pride with Norwegian flags proudly displayed on ferry sterns amidst stunning views of More og Romsdal region in Norway. Explore charming houses lining the shores of Hardanger Fjord in Hordaland, adding a touch of tranquility to your car ferry experience. Take a step back in time with vintage imagery capturing New York City's bustling harbor and Jersey-bound traffic being transported by classic ferry boats in 1939. Soar above Otternes Bygdetun for an elevated view over Aurlands Fjord in Sogn og Fjordane, Norway - showcasing nature's beauty intertwined with maritime charm. Delve into history at Portsmouth Harbor with Nelson's Battleship, The Victory dominating this general view captured way back in 1895. Embarking on a car ferry adventure allows you to traverse vast oceans and fjords while immersing yourself in captivating scenery and cultural encounters from England's Hampshire coast all the way to the stunning landscapes of Norway.