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Capture Gallery

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Gliders ready for Operation Market Garden Second World War
Coldstreamers in a Great charge by the guards on the Somme
Allied Airborne Army Parachutes in Holland; Second World War
British First Airborne dug in at Arnhem; Second World War, 1
The Speedy and El Gamo, c1802. Artist: Nicholas Pocock
VERNE: 20, 000 LEAGUES. Only one of its arms wriggled in the air, brandishing the
Siege of Lucknow
FIRST CRUSADE, 1099. European knights capture Jerusalem in this fanciful manuscript
German Railway gun captured at the Battle of Amiens - WW1
The arrest of Guy Fawkes
VERNE: 20, 000 LEAGUES, 1870. One of Captain Nemos sailors seized by a giant cuttlefish
Kaiser Wilhelm II presenting medals, Warsaw, WW1
Georgy Konstantinovich Zhukov
British Sentry keeping watch on Nijmegen Bridge; Second Worl
Military spy - a camera carrying pigeon
Major-General R.E. Urquhart in Arnhem; Second World War, 194
India / Sikh War / Multan
Cowboy on horse
The Capture Of Guy Fawkes, 1605, (c1850)
Anglo-Saxon by Bruce Bairnsfather, WW1 cartoon
The Continence of Scipio, c.1706 (oil on canvas)
WW1 - German anti-British propaganda postcard
Shahnameh. The Book of Kings. 16th c. Kay Kavus
Otto Kretschmer
Flight of Queen Margaret after the Battle of Tewkesbury, 1471 (colour litho)
Queen Margaret of Anjou taken prisoner after the Battle of Tewkesbury, 1471 (colour litho)
Men of the British First Airborne Division in a glider; Seco
British First Airborne Troops using a mortar, Arnhem; Second
Capture of Kleve, men of 2nd Battalion Gordon Highlanders
The Capture of the Vulcania; Second World War, 1943
Aerial View of the bridge at Nijmegen, Holland; Second World
Soldier of the British First Airborne in action in Arnhem; S
The Unicorn is Killed and Brought to the Castle, c.1500 (wool warp with wool, silk
Patriotic Greek Card from the First World War - Thessaloniki
LEZO, Blas de (1687-1741). Spanish sailor. Capture
Cartoon, Royal Bird Catchers
MATTHEW HOPKINS (d. 1647). English witch-finder. Hopkins with two witches and their familiar spirits
Panorama of Richmond, Virginia after capture by Federals
Italians Take Adwa
Cerberus & Herakles
The Betrayal of Christ (oil)
Charge of the Queens Bays against the Mutineers at Lucknow
First line Gurkhas storming and capturing a German trench, World War I, 1914-1918.Artist: Crown
Capture of the Eagle, Waterloo, 1898 (oil on canvas)
FORT NIAGARA, 1759. The French surrender of Fort Niagara, on the eastern shore of the Niagara River
CRUSADES, 1098. The capture of Antioch, Turkey, by crusaders in 1098. Wood engraving, 19th century
The seizure of Roger de Mortimer (1287-1330) at Nottingham Castle, 19th century.Artist: Noel Paton

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