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Cannon And Ball Collection

In December 1987, the beloved Oldham comics they were hard at work rehearsing their highly anticipated Christmas show

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In December 1987, the beloved Oldham comics they were hard at work rehearsing their highly anticipated Christmas show. The dynamic duo, consisting of Tommy Cannon and Bobby Ball, brought laughter to audiences across the nation with their unique brand of humor. During this time, they were captured alongside stunning model Erica Preston in a memorable photoshoot that showcased their undeniable charm. Their infectious personalities shone through as they posed for the camera, leaving a lasting impression on fans. Breaking away from tradition, Cannon and Ball decided to venture into new territory by ousting Panto. This bold move demonstrated their willingness to take risks and explore different avenues within the entertainment industry. Their versatility was further highlighted when they starred as evil robbers in "Babes in the Wood, " showcasing their acting prowess alongside their comedic talents. Audiences marveled at how effortlessly they transitioned between roles while keeping everyone entertained. Backstage after one of their shows, Bobby Ball had an endearing encounter with a young fan named Jason Drummond. Witnessing firsthand the impact they had on people's lives must have been incredibly rewarding for both comedians. Away from the spotlight, Bobby Ball enjoyed quality family time at home surrounded by books in September 1988. This glimpse into his personal life revealed his love for literature and provided insight into what fueled his creativity on stage. Throughout their career together, whether sitting on chairs in dressing rooms or clowning around behind-the-scenes during June 1983 shoots - it was evident that Tommy Cannon and Bobby Ball shared an unbreakable bond both professionally and personally. The iconic "Cannon & Ball Show" became synonymous with laughter as it graced television screens nationwide throughout August 1999. Viewers eagerly tuned in each week to witness these two comedic geniuses deliver side-splitting sketches guaranteed to brighten even the gloomiest day. Tommy Cannon and Bobby Ball will forever be remembered as a legendary comedy double act.