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Butterflies Gallery

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Red Admiral Butterfly
London Pride & Gold. Rod
Countryside Flowers and Butterflies
Ornithoptera alexandrae, Queen Alexandras birdwing butterfl
A Golden Girl by Barribal
Insects of Surinam
Wanderer / MONARCH / Milkweed Butterflies - resting in garden of flowers
Red Admiral Butterfly - feeding upon Buddelia in garden
Red Admiral (Vanessa atalanta) on a plant, sunbathing
British Butterflies - Various
Butterfly illustration by Maria Sibylla Merian
Papillons - butterflies
Inachis io, peacock butterfly
The Sketch Summer Number front cover, 1933
Camberwell Beauty / Mourning Cloak Butterfly - on honeysuckle
Phoebis sennae, cloudless sulphur butterfly
Butterflies in Larousse
I kiss your little hand, madame, by J. Nicolson
Entomological specimens of Lepidoptera
Butterflies and flowers on a palette-shaped Christmas card
Morpho cypris, blue morpho butterfly
Pharmacophagus antenor, giant swallowtail
Butterflies from the Amazon by H.W. Bates
1.Sherardia, 2. Lilio-Narcissus, 3. Arachidna
Bengale Th
Bengale Th
Wanderer / MONARCH / Milkweed Butterfly - female, on Sunflower (Helianthus sp.)
BUTTERFLY WING - close-up of wing
Peacock Butterfly - 2 feeding on Buddleia plant blossom
H.W. Bates illustrated notebooks
Caprimulgus vociferus, whip-poor-will
LB-3393 Wanderer / Monarch / Milkweed Butterfly - caterpillar
The Butterfly by Muriel Dawson
JZ-2729 Wanderer / MONARCH / Milkweed Butterfly
FG-4751 Wanderer / Monarch / Milkweed Butterfly
Butterflies, 19th century. Creator: Unknown
El Segundo Blue Butterfly
Twin-tailed / Two-tailed Pasha / Foxy Charaxes
Large Blue Butterflies
Peacock Butterflies
Inachis io, peacock butterfly
Fairies by Hilda Miller
Beetles and Butterflies
The Four Seasons: Summer, c.1928 (hand-coloured drypoint & aquatint) (see also 745548-51)
Ornithoptera croesus, Wallaces golden birdwing butterfly
La Saison des Papillons by Nick
Folklore / Fairies

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