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Burned Gallery

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William Tyndale / Whittock
Jacques De Molay
Dresden Bombed
Thurso Castle
Thurso Castle
Ruthuen Barracks
Ghost village, Belarus
Stationers Hall interior
Ruins of Red House, Port of Spain, Trinidad, West Indies
Fireboat tackling fire at Colonial Wharf, East London
Diseased heart
Bared Trees and Their shadows
Consolidated B-24J Liberator
Jan Hus (1369-1415). Engraving. Colored
Two Saints make shoes being tempted by the devil. Engraving
Fire at Pengwern Hall, St. Asaph, Wales
Tanzania, Western Tanzania. Farmland burned
Harvesting sugar cane in a burned field, vicinity of Guanica, Puerto Rico. 1942. Creator: Jack Delano
Martyrdom of Saint Lawrence, 1621. Creator: Lucas Vorsterman
Barbarian Ethiopian customs, human fortresses (colour litho)
A historic burning convent in Podolia (European Russia), five Catholic nuns perished in the flames (colour litho)
In the hell of Shanghai (colour litho)
The excesses of the Balkan War, Bulgarian soldiers who among the hurrah! Comrades set fire... (colour litho)
Scary fire of a theater in Trujillo (Peru), with about fifty deaths crushed at the exit (colour litho)
Semele burned by Jupiter, c.1541 (oil on canvas) (see also 3664213)
Burnt trees with view on Lago di Novate and Sasso Manduino peak, Valchiavenna, Valtellina, Lombardy, Italy, Europe
A tongue of blue flame shooting out from the enemys side of a mine gallery and severely burning Private T Bytheway
Ely looted and burned by the Danes (colour litho)
Alfred the Great burning the cakes, 878 (colour litho)
Semele burned by Jupiter, c.1541 (oil on canvas) (see also 2384621)
King Alfred and the burned cakes (engraving)
Grand Marble Staircase in the Palazzo Reale, Naples, Italy (b / w photo)
Paris: Statue of Etienne Dolet (b / w photo)
Frederick the Great visiting the ruins of the burned town of Kustrin (colour litho)
Alfred in the House of the Neatherd (engraving)
Death of Laurence
Burning of Latimer and Ridley
The Austrian fortress in Przemysl surrenders after 5 months of struggle, officers led to the district... (colour litho)
The most daring knights in the world are rightly called our cavalry officers (colour litho)
'Many...brought their books together, and burned them before all men', Acts, xix, 19 (engraving)
Joan of Arc, and scenes from her life (chromolitho)
A great American tailors shop on fire, fighting fierce on the stairs of salvation with a seventy... (colour litho)
Huge fires in Canada, populations pushed towards the lakes by burning and fierce forests... (colour litho)
The Edinburgh theatre destroyed by fire causing several victims, including an actor while... (colour litho)
The heroic mothers, a woman who burns herself and dies to save her two children from the fire (colour litho)
New Firefighters, Elephants Putting Out Fire in a Burning Train (Colour Litho)
Who will profit from the revolt in the Champagne region? The German fraudster (colour litho)
Motorists burned alive in a terrible car accident (colour litho)

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