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Battle Of Little Bighorn Collection

"The Battle of Little Bighorn: A Glimpse into the Last Stand" In this captivating collection of historical images

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"The Battle of Little Bighorn: A Glimpse into the Last Stand" In this captivating collection of historical images, we delve into the infamous Battle of Little Bighorn and its aftermath. Amongst the survivors of Custer's Last Stand, we see a horse and scout, Curley, who witnessed the harrowing events unfold. General George A. Custer himself is captured in both black and white and color lithographs, showcasing his commanding presence during this fateful battle. An antique print from 1876 depicts Custer's Last Stand in all its chaotic glory - an intense clash between Native American tribes and U. S. Army forces. Edgar Samuel Paxson's oil painting from 1899 immortalizes this tragic event on canvas, evoking the bravery and sacrifice that took place on that ill-fated day. One photograph stands out among the rest; it portrays Comanche, Captain Keogh's mount - a lone survivor amidst overwhelming loss. This image serves as a poignant reminder of the immense tragedy that unfolded on June 25th, 1876. Additional photographs shed light on other key figures involved in this historic battle. General George A. Custer appears once again in a striking portrait taken in December 1869 while Major Marcus A. Reno of the 7th U. S Cavalry is frozen in time through a black-and-white photo. The significance of these images becomes even more apparent when juxtaposed with Hollow Horn Bear's powerful portrait from 1907 - reminding us to consider multiple perspectives when reflecting upon history. Lastly, Captain Sanderson's camp at the Ford is captured in haunting detail through another black-and-white photograph taken three years after the battle itself occurred - serving as a somber reminder of lives lost and scars left behind. Through these glimpses into history preserved by various mediums such as photography, lithography, paintings, and prints; we are transported back to witness firsthand one of the most consequential battles in American history - The Battle of Little Bighorn.