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Axel Collection

Axel Munthe, a renowned Swedish physician and author, found solace in the enchanting beauty of Anacapri

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Axel Munthe, a renowned Swedish physician and author, found solace in the enchanting beauty of Anacapri. Inspired by the love story between Marie Antoinette and Axel von Fersen, he built his dream retreat - Villa San Michele. This magnificent villa overlooks the breathtaking landscape of Capri, Italy. As an admirer of art himself, Munthe collected exquisite pieces from various artists like Axel Frick. One such masterpiece is "Matta Virgem, " painted in 1895 by Frick. The painting captures the serene beauty of a waterfall at Rio Dourado (Lencoes), showcasing Frick's exceptional talent. Another artwork adorning Villa San Michele is "Cachoeira no Rio Dourado. " Painted also in 1895 by Axel Frick, it depicts a cascading waterfall at Sete Quedas Farm (Fazenda de Sete Quedas) near Campinas. These paintings reflect Munthe's appreciation for nature's wonders. In addition to his passion for art and history, Munthe was captivated by architectural marvels like The Round Tower at Windsor Castle. Its grandeur left him awestruck as he explored its rich history during his travels. Delving into history further led him to admire another prominent figure named Axel Graf Von Oxenstierna. Though little is known about this creator from 1933, their work stands as a testament to their artistic prowess. The Altarpiece in Molde Cathedral, Norway also caught Munthe's attention with its intricate design and religious significance. It showcases the devotion that people held towards their faith during those times. Pergola at Villa San Michele above Anacapri offers visitors a tranquil spot to relax amidst stunning views of Italy's coastline. Here one can immerse themselves in serenity while basking in the Mediterranean sun. Lastly, witnessing significant events like the Coronation of Haakon VII of Norway left Munthe in awe.