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Aristocratic Collection

Step into the world of aristocratic elegance and indulge in the opulence that defines it

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Step into the world of aristocratic elegance and indulge in the opulence that defines it. From the grandeur of Holkham Hall, Norfolk, England to a lavish dinner in an aristocratic French home, immerse yourself in refined luxury. Witness the enchanting scene as a lady delicately plays her lute at Knole, filling the air with melodic sophistication. Peek into a private moment as another noblewoman gracefully adorns herself in her bedroom at Knole. Transport yourself back to 1880 Cheshire, England through an exquisite engraving capturing the majesty of Cholmondeley Castle. Marvel at the wisdom and grace exuded by a Chinese Doctor circa 1915, embodying both Eastern mystique and aristocratic poise. Witness Liza Maugham and Vincent Paravicini engage in captivating conversation while maintaining their regal composure. Meet Mrs Flash Kellett, whose presence commands attention wherever she goes. Experience history come alive within the walls of Hardwick Hall (1597), Derbyshire, England - its architecture reflecting aristocracy's enduring legacy. Lose yourself in a romantic waltz as an elegant couple glides across the dance floor with effortless charm. Observe an intimate moment as an aristocratic French lady indulges in bathing and dressing rituals fit for royalty. Admire the intricate Consular diptych of Boethius (ivory relief) from 487 AD - a testament to artistry cherished by nobility throughout time. Let these glimpses into aristocracy ignite your imagination and transport you to a realm where refinement reigns supreme.