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Amazonia Gallery

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Juruena, Brazil. Forested river bank reflected in the water with no clouds in the sky
Andean Cock-of-the-Rocks displaying in cloud forest Manu Amazonia Peru
Tapir at clay lick, Manu, Amazonia, Peru
Brown-headed Capuchin, youngster playing, Manu, Peru
Amazon Jungle, Brazil, Sunsets over
Black Spider Monkey, (A. paniscus paniscus)
Jaguarundi, (Felis yagouraoundi), captive
Amazon Rainforest, A Brown Wooly Monkey
Amazon Rainforest, A Brown Capuchin Monkey
Jaguarundi, (Herpailurus yagaouroundi)
Les Guyanes Et L'Amazonie (engraving)
Thalestris, Queen of the Amazons (engraving)
Map of the Americas, circa 1821
Wild Puerto Rican parrots (Amazonia vitatta)
Clay Lick
Clay Lick
Amazon rainbow
South America: Gathering Peruvian bark (engraving)
South America: The Andes, with Cotopaxi in the distance (engraving)
South America: Vanilla, plain-leaved (engraving)
South America: Ateles, or spider monkeys (engraving)
South America: Hunting with the sarbacan (engraving)
South America: Our house at the mouth of the Igarape (engraving)
South America: A scene near the Amazon (engraving)
South America: A family of Muras Indians (engraving)
South America: Down the Lower Amazon (engraving)
Les Amazones vaincues par Bellerophon (engraving)
South America: Rio Janeiro (engraving)
South America: Fuegians (engraving)
South America: Our voyage up the River Bodegas (engraving)
South America: The cacao-tree (engraving)
South America: Collecting vanilla (engraving)
South America: John besieged by peccaries (engraving)
South America: Male Chego; Female Chego, dilated with eggs; Egg (engraving)
South America: Our journey through the forest (engraving)
South America: Our Indian friends attacked by a jaguar (engraving)
South America: The recluse descending the Igarape (engraving)
South America: Caoutchouc collectors (engraving)
South America: The arrival of old friends at the Island (engraving)
South America: Palms (engraving)
South America: Drying the cacao (engraving)
South America: Spider monkeys crossing the Igarape (engraving)
South America: Guava (engraving)
South America: Maria extracting chegoes from John's feet (engraving)
South America: Section of an ant-hill (engraving)
South America: Extracting milk from cow-tree (engraving)

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