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Albert Road Gallery

Albert Road is a major road in the city of Melbourne, Australia

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Albert Road is a major road in the city of Melbourne, Australia. It runs from the northern suburbs of Melbourne to the south-eastern suburbs and is one of the most important roads in the city, and is a major thoroughfare for commuters and tourists alike, connecting many popular destinations such as St Kilda Beach, Albert Park Lake, Southbank Promenade and Federation Square. The road has been around since 1837 when it was first surveyed by Robert Hoddle. Since then it has undergone several upgrades to accommodate increased traffic volumes and improve safety for pedestrians and cyclists. It also features a number of historical landmarks including St Paul's Cathedral, Parliament House and Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria. The road is home to some of Melbourne's best restaurants, cafes and bars which makes it an ideal spot for dining out or grabbing a quick bite on your way home from work or school. With its convenient location near public transport hubs such as Flinders Street Station and Southern Cross Station, Albert Road remains one of Melbourne's most popular streets for locals and visitors alike.