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Affection Collection

"Unbreakable Bonds

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"Unbreakable Bonds: A Celebration in Nature and Art" Highland Cow with Calf - Witness the purest form as a calf seeks comfort in its mother's embrace on a serene meadow in Lower Saxony, Germany. Lions CRH 983 Lioness greets male Lion - In the vast wilderness of Moremi, Botswana, witness an extraordinary display of love as a lioness warmly welcomes her mate into her pride. Alaskan / Northern Sea Otter - Experience the tender love between a mother and her young pup as she carries it delicately through the icy waters of Alaska. The Return of the Prodigal Son by Rembrandt Harmensz van Rijn - Explore this timeless masterpiece that captures the essence of unconditional love and forgiveness between father and son. Suricate / Meerkat - Delight in the heartwarming sight of a meerkat family protecting their young ones at the edge of their burrow amidst Namibia's arid Kalahari Desert. Border Terrier Dog With Puppy - Discover an adorable duo bound by affection, as a playful puppy finds solace under its caring parent's watchful eye. Miss Jane Bowles by Sir Joshua Reynolds - Step into history to admire this captivating portrait depicting tenderness and admiration towards one remarkable woman. Princess Elizabeth and Her Corgi - Marvel at Queen Elizabeth II's enduring bond with her beloved corgis, showcasing loyalty and devotion fit for royalty itself. Early 12th Century Frescoes in Bet Maryam, St Marys Church, Lalibela – Journey back to ancient times where intricate frescoes depict scenes brimming with divine affection within Ethiopia's sacred walls. The Pop Art Love Sculpture by Robert Indiana – Encounter an iconic symbol celebrating love that stands tall on Sixth Avenue in Manhattan; reminding us of the power and universality of affection.