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19 19th Xix Xixth Nineteenth Century Collection

The 19th century was a time of artistic exploration and cultural transformation

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The 19th century was a time of artistic exploration and cultural transformation. From the misty moorlands to bustling city streets, this era captured the essence of a rapidly changing world. "Moorland and Mist, 1893" by an unknown artist depicts the ethereal beauty of nature through delicate brushstrokes on canvas. In contrast, "Broughty Castle (w/c)" transports us to a coastal fortress with its vibrant watercolor hues. "The Village Ba Game, 1818" showcases the lively spirit of community as people gather for a traditional game in an oil painting that exudes energy and camaraderie. Meanwhile, "Beach Crescent and Broughty Castle, c. 1835" captures a serene moment along the shoreline with its carefully crafted details. "Dunkeld, " an engraving from the 19th century, takes us back in time to explore architectural marvels that stood tall during this period. Similarly, "Mains Castle [Dundee], 1862" invites us into another historical setting through richly textured oil strokes. "A Modern Eve, 1882" challenges societal norms by presenting a contemporary woman who defies expectations in her confident pose on canvas. On the other hand, "Saturday Night, Central Hall Oldham Street, " painted between 1893-94 using watercolors and gouache on paper immerses us in the vibrant nightlife scene of Manchester's bustling streets. As we delve deeper into urban life during this era, "Technical School Princess Street, " "Chorlton Road Congregational Chapel, " and "The Entrance Corridor Owen's College" offer glimpses into architectural wonders that shaped educational institutions at that time. Lastly but not leastly is St John's Church Deansgate which captivates viewers with its intricate details rendered through watercolors and gouache techniques on paper.