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1776 Collection

"1776: A Glimpse into the Birth of a Nation" In 1776, thirteen original colonies united in pursuit of liberty and independence

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"1776: A Glimpse into the Birth of a Nation" In 1776, thirteen original colonies united in pursuit of liberty and independence. Betsy Ross, with her skilled hands, sewed the first American flag that would become a symbol of freedom. Henry Mosler's captivating painting immortalizes this historic moment. Page 2 holds Abigail Adams' heartfelt letter to John Adams, written with ink on paper. Her words reflect the courage and determination that fueled the revolutionary spirit during those turbulent times. A signed copy of the Declaration of Independence serves as a tangible reminder of July 4th, 1776 - when brave men put their names to paper and declared America's sovereignty. John Paul Jones received his commission as a US Navy captain through an important document that recognized his role in shaping naval warfare for years to come. The Battle of Long Island stands as a testament to the sacrifices made by patriots who fought valiantly for their newfound nation amidst adversity in New York during the Revolutionary War. The Pine Tree flag fluttered proudly during the American Revolution, representing resilience and unity among colonists striving for liberty against British rule. Thomas Paine's influential pamphlet "Common Sense, " showcased on John Adams' personal second edition title-page, ignited revolutionary fervor across America - its powerful ideas resonating still today. Eta Hoffmann's signature graces another treasured artifact from this era – reminding us that even beyond borders, people were inspired by America’s fight for freedom. Amidst all these historical milestones lies The Croton Flour Mills – George V. Hecker & Co. , which played its part in sustaining communities during these tumultuous times – nourishing both bodies and spirits alike with essential sustenance. These glimpses into 1776 offer us insight into an extraordinary period where dreams took shape and heroes emerged; they remind us why we cherish our hard-fought liberties today.